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2010 News

Mandy Newman, Gold Coast Half Ironman, 3rd October, 2010

Julie King, 2nd, Shepparton Half Ironman, 14th November, 2010

Katie Anderson, 2nd place, Gatorade Race 5, Portarlington, 14th February 2010

Katie and Chris, two thirds of "Last Minutes", 4th placed mixed team, Geelong 70.3, 7th February 2010

Chris, Geelong 70.3, 7th February, 2010

Kath, Geelong 70.3, 7th February, 2010

Karl Augustin, Geelong 70.3, 7th February, 2010

Julie King, Geelong 70.3, 3rd place, 7th February, 2010

Mandy, 3rd place, Geelong 70.3, 7th February, 2010

Hayden Marshall, Geelong 70.3, 7th February, 2010

Jamie Morgan, Geelon 70.3, 7th February, 2010

Geelong 70.3, 7th February, 2010

Kath, Gatorade Race 4, Elwood, 31st January 2010

Marie Maguire, Gatorade Race 4, Elwood, 31st January 2010

Daniel Moloney, Gatorade Race 4, Elwood, 31st January 2010

Phil Caligiuri, Gatorade Race 4, Elwood, 31st January 2010

Katie Anderson at the start, Gatorade Race 4, Elwood, 31st January, 2010

Trevor, Gatorade Race 4, Elwood, 31st January, 2010

Thursday, 16 December 2010 Australian Half Ironman Series 2010
Mandy Newman won the female 40-44 age group by one point.
To get the win Mandy had to race in the pouring rain at Gold Coast and then had to give up her favourite leg at Canberra when they turned it into a Duathlon.
Mandy is a committed, determined athlete who always manages a smile.
Well done, Mandy.

Sunday, 12 December 2010 Gatorade Race 2, Elwood

Marie Maguire 97:36.06, 3rd F55-59, 14:16-2:52-49:24-2:08-28:57
Marie only missed 2nd by seconds. She placed 2nd in the swim - great work in tough conditions!
Paul Thompson 65:13.21, 4th M45-49, 10:32-1:32-31:48-1:26-19:56
Jamie Morgan 62:27.57, 6th M35-39, 10:01-1:11-31:08-1:13-18:55
Jamie placed top 50 in the field - 37th overall. His swim was 96th overall (but he only swims once a week), this bike was 33rd overall and he followed that with a run that was 49th in the whole field.
Jeff Beavis 70:49.84, 14th M40-44, 11:36-1:25-34:37-1:33-21:39
Chris O'Donnell 66:59.66, 16th M35-39, 10:23-1:33-33:27-1:32-20:05
Rob Solly 67:15.34, 17th M35-39, 10:18-1:24-33:23-1:31-20:40

Well done to all.

Sunday, 12 December 2010 Crowne Plaza Canberra City Half Ironman
4km run* - 90k - 21.1k
* swim was cancelled due to water quality

Mandy Newman 4:49:54, 8th F40-44, 19:06-2:34:49-1:55:57
Mandy's bike was her strongest leg. She finished the bike in 5th position.

Series results are to be confirmed, but we think Mandy has taken out the series by one point. Congratulations, Mandy!

Sunday, 5 December 2010 XOSize TriSeries 10/11 - Race 2 Mordialloc
Gavin Hicks, 54:18.20, 4th M30-34, 9:09-1:10-24:08-1:09-18:42. Gavin had the second fastest run in his category and was only 9 seconds off a podium.. Not bad for a long course athlete!

Sunday, 21 November 2010 Gatorade Race 1, St Kilda

Marie Maguire, 1:33:10, 2nd F55-59, 9:52-2:22-46:11-3:05-31:41
Jamie Morgan, 58:45, 6th M35-39, 6:42-1:29-30:08-1:20-19:06
Paul Thompson, 1:01:36, 8th M45-49, 7:08-1:32-31:09-1:38-20:09
Rob Solly, 1:01:51, 14th M35-39, 6:51-1:28-32:00-1:20-20:13

Sunday, 14 November 2010 Campbells Shepparton Half Ironman
Gavin Hicks, 4:32:18, 26th M30-34, 32:49-2:24:17-1:35:11
Chris O'Donnell, 4:37:44, 25th M35-39, 32:17-2:33:24-1:32:03
Rob Solly, 4:47:58, 44th M35-39, 30:38-2:36:44-1:40:36
Jarratt Morgan, 4:48:19, 44th M30-34, 32:39-2:23:47-1:51:53
Mandy Newman, 5:02:21, 4th F40-44, 31:29-2:38:37-1:52:14. Mandy had the fastest swim in her age group.
Hayden Marshall, 5:15:05, 74th M30-34, 31:46-2:37:29-2:05:49
Julie King, 5:28:08, 2nd F55-59, 32:18-2:49:51*-2:05:59* (*my estimate). Julie was also first out of the water in her age group.
Karl Augustin, 5:37:45, 28th M50-54, 37:31-3:03:30-1:56:42
Kath Taylor, 5:50:52, 18th F35-39, 33:29-2:59:26-2:17:56. Kath had a top 10 swim in her category.
Steven Feher, DNF, 35:59-2:53:29 pulled out after bike leg.

What a fabulous result by all. An improvement from 2009 of 3% could be expected due to the wonderful weather. However, nearly everyone improved by over 3%. A podium for Julie, a 4th for Mandy and lots of PBs - great work!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010, Schools Western Zone
Tuesday, 12 October 2010, Schools Western Zone
Tom Hayes, 4:47, 1500, 3rd

Sunday, 7 November 2010 XOSize TriSeries 10/11 - Race 1 Brighton

Gavin Hicks, 1:03:22, 6th M30-34, 8:13-0:59-34:58-1:02-18:09
Top 10? Pretty good for a long course athlete!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010, Schools Western Zone
Tom Hayes, 4:47, 1500, 3rd

Sunday, 10 October 2010 Melbourne Marathon
Gavin Hicks placed 76th overall and 18th M30-34 with a time of 2:48:36
Chris O'Donnell was very happy with his time of 3:25:13 and reckons he still had something left in the tank, so watch out! 188th M35-39

Half Marathon
Julie King did it in 1:51:22 which was a PB. 7th F55-59
Marie Maguire 2:06:33, 12th F55-59.
Stephen Gowers ran it in 2:07:41. 182nd M50-54

Hayden Marshall did the 10k in 43:46 which was slower than he'd hoped but he'd missed 3 weeks of training due to work commitments. 29th M30-34

Well done one and all!

Saturday, 9 Octover 2010, AV Shield Round 1 NW Region
Bryce Kelly, 15.09, 100
Bryce Kelly, 1:16.58, 400
Bryce Kelly, 6:11.97, 1500
Trent Kelly, 55.17, 400
Trent Kelly, 4:23.54, 1500
Matt Goodger, 6:18, 1500
Lisa Ierardo, 6:24.22, 1500

Sunday, 3 October 2010 Gold Coast Half Ironman
Mandy Newman 5:17:54, 7th F40-44, 31:31-2:55:48-1:50:34

Mandy's race report: "Wow is all I can say, the conditions were treacherous. The rain didn't stop and I was aquaplaning on the bike and many people lost control. The run was wet and very muddy and it was cold. So, all in all, really terrible conditions."

Well done, Mandy! Bring on Shepp.

Thursday, 16 September 2010, Schools Western Zone
Tom Hayes, 4:57, 1500, 1st
Tom Hayes, 10:45, 3000, 4th

Monday, 13 September 2010 ITU AG World Championships
Aquathon 8th September 2010
1000 swim- 2.5k run
Jeff Beavis,29:16, 23rd M40-44, 17:57-1:21-10:00

Sprint Distance 11th September 2010
Jeff Beavis, 1:10:43, 36th M40-44, 12:45-2:28-31:38-2:51-21:08
Jeff was the first Aussie in his age group and bettered his time and his placing compared to Vancouver. Good work, Jeff.

After 36 hours of continual rain it cleared at about 7.00am Saturday morning ready for a 7:45am start.
Water was a very temperate 14 degrees (unlike Vancouver) and transition was under 6-10cm of water.
No warm up swims allowed so was a bit of a sluggish start but worked into swim ok, waded through transition and onto bike, lots of big puddles and water on the course so was steady, completed the big BMX powerslide going round 1st corner but after settled and dinished bike with a PB of 31.30
Run was point to point and to me seemed fairly lonely as was by myself for most if it. Ran strongly to finish in 21.10 for a total time of 1.10.45 which included 2 transitions of 3 minutes. Transition was 600m long!!!

Sunday, 5 September 2010 Burnley Half Marathon
Karl Augustin 1:27:03, 9th M50-54
Aaron Heaney, 1:23:47, 131st M Open
Mike Murray, 1:37:37, 256th MOpen

Sunday, 5 September 2010 Airlie Beach Triathlon

Anne Ryan 1:20:40, 6th F20-29, 13:32-40:52-26:14

Thursday, 2 September school XC
Tim Khoo, 20:01, 5k, 10th in age group

Saturday, 31 July 2010 AV XCR' 10 Round 7
Sam Wenban 0:17:25, 17th MU14, 4km
Julie King 0:32:26, 105th FOP, would've got 6th F50+ if they had her age group, 6km
Aaron Heaney, 1:05:53, 16k XC, 94th M Open

Sunday, 25 July 2010 2010 Westlink M7 Cities Marathon
Gavin Hicks, 2:50:53, 8th M30-19, 16th overall!

Five minutes faster than Adelaide marathon in 2009 and on a course that's probably 5 minutes slower. Great work!

Sunday, 25 July 2010 Brooks Duathlon series Race 2
5k- 20k -3k
Jeff Beavis, 1:12:08, 4th M40-44, 21:27-38:19-12:22

This was 10 seconds faster than last year and one place higher. Go Jeff!

Sunday, 18 July 2010 Run Melbourne
Half Marathon

Paul Thompson, 30th M40-49, 89:56
Angelo Pagano, 111th M40-49, 98:00
Michelle Currie, 127th F30-39, 110:47
Teresa Pagano, 136th F40-49, 119:45

This was the first half marathon for the girls. Paul wanted to go sub 90 and he did. Angelo was almost exactly the same as last time after an interrupted preparation. Well done all around.

Saturday, 17 July 2010 Bundoora Park, XCR10 Round 6
Tom Hayes, 22:59, 6000 XC, 41st M U18 All schools
Matt Goodger, 1:11:04, 12000 XC, 326th M Open

Karl and Sam apparently ran so fast the timekeeper missed them. Standby...
Unofficial times:
Sam (4k) 17minutes
Karl (12k) 52minutes

Tuesday, 13 July 2010 VSSSA Cross Country
Tom Hayes, 18:14, 5000 XC, 34th M U18

Sunday, 11 July 2010 Coral Coast Triathlon
Rob Solly, 5th M30-39, 2:23:03, 28:01-1:08:59-46:03
Linda Solly, 5th F30-39, 2:32:38, 27:59-1:14:20-50:19

Sunday, 27 June 2010 WSTC Duathlon Race 2
5km run - 18.75km ride - 5km run

Linda Solly, 1:22:06, 2nd F30-39, 21:28-37:48-22:50
Rob Solly, 1:16:31, 3rd M30-39, 20:05-35:52-20:35

Saturday, 19 June 2010 XCR10 Round 14, Lake Wendouree Road Race
Sam Wenban, 20:31.90, 27th M U16

Jamie Morgan, 0:57:45, 165th M Open
Karl Augustin, 1:02:23, 229th M Open
Mandy Newman, 1:12:37, 103rd F Open
Julie King, 1:25:00, 123rd F Open

Good work all round. Sam is only 13 and running U 16.

BTW, Mona did beat us.

Saturday, 29 May 2010 Sandown Skins Road Race
Sam Wenban, 11:47, 37th M U16, 3000m
Timothy Khoo, 40:39, 21st M U18, 10000m
Aaron Heaney, 37:58, 229th M Open, 10000m
Mandy Newman, 48:21, 17th F40-44, 10000m

Well done to all our first timers (Sam, Tim & Mandy) and to our experienced campaigner (Aaron).

Sunday, 9 May 2010 TV coverage of IMOZ 2010
Gavin Hicks had 15 seconds of fame, being interviewed post race.

Sunday, 9 May 2010 New Caledonia Olympic Distance race
Official results
Jamie Morgan- 2:09:24, placed 6th Male Senior 4, 33rd overall, which included a top 30 overall on the bike
Chris O'Donnell - 2:45:48, 134th overall
Kath Taylor - 2:47:43 4th Female Senior 4, 141st overall

Kath did something like a 9 minute PB, and Jamie beat last year's time by about 2 minutes. Everyone is very happy and looking forward to celebratory drinks.

Sunday, 2 May 2010 Great Train Race
13.2km, men aim to beat the first train, women aim to beat the second train.

Jarratt Morgan, 56:53, 253rd Male (out of 1777), 268th overall (out of 2729)

Mandy Newman, 71:54, 337th female (out of 952), 1600/2729 and she beat the second train.

Sunday, 18 April 2010 Strongman
3k-150k- 42.2k

Jamie Morgan 9:17:56, 8th M35-39, 45:02-4:38:55-3:53:59. Jamie's bike time was 22nd overall. He finished 36th overall.

It was very windy and he cramped on the bike a few times and cramped badly in T2.

Sunday, 28 March 2010 Ironman Australia
Ironman Australia, Port Macquarie

Gavin Hicks, 10:33, 43rd M3034 59:33-5:43:14-3:50:13 Gavin came 213th overall in a field of 1376 - ie top 15%. Gavin's best leg was his run where he placed 140th overall - ie in the top 10%. Given that the elites missed the worst of the wind on the bike and had finished before the heat really set in, for Gavin to get a top 10% run finish in the heat was a wonderful effort. To top it off, he took 36 minutes off his result from 2009 on what was a much tougher day.

Chris O'Donnell, 11:51:17, 156th M3539, 1:01:02-6:03:17-4:46:57. To go under 12 hours on his first Ironman on such a hot, windy day was a great effort. Well done, Chris.

Sunday, 21 March 2010 Gatorade/Brooks Race 6, St Kilda
Series places:
Katie Anderson, 2nd Athena
Marie Maguire, 2nd F55-59
Linda Solly, 3rd F35-39

Gatorade 750-20-5
Marie Maguire, 2nd F55-59, 1:47:10, 17:40-2:21-50:46-3:18-32:56
Linda Solly, 2nd F35-39,1:15:28, 12:50-1:20-36:53-1:56-22:30
Katie Anderson, 5th F Athena, 1:44:50, 14:29-3:09-44:00-4:26-38:47
Rob Raulings, 7th M40-44, 1:08:56, 11:10-1:12-32:16-2:03-22:15
Karl Augustin, 10th M50-54, 1:15:07, 15:05-1:59-35:38-1:59-20:26
Jeff Beavis, 11th M40-44, 1:12:27, 12:50-1:22-35:02-1:41-21:32
Rob Solly, 13th M35-39, 1:09:23, 12:11-1:22-33:07-1:34-21:10
Trevor Harrison, 25th M30-34, 1:11:24, 12:36-2:04-34:28-1:43-20:33
Katherine Taylor, 29th F30-34, 1:28:13, 14:04-1:39-39:27-2:23-30:40
Hayden Marshall, 35th M30-34, 1:12:51, 11:56-2:28-35:48-1:26-21:14
Phil Caligiuri, 57th M45-49, 1:30:39, 18:00-3:08-38:28-2:51-28:13
Daniel Moloney, 95th M30-34, 1:24:01, 14:02-2:10-39:47-2:06-25:56.

Rob, Linda, Katie and Marie all had top 3 swims. Rob's swim was 71st overall. Linda and Marie had top 3 rides and top 3 runs.

Brooks 300-10-3
Sandra Buth, 6th F50+, 58:22, 7:20-3:08-23:35-2:25-21:55

Sunday, 14 March 2010 XOSize TriSeries 09/10 - Race 5 Brighton

Gavin Hicks, 1:08:39, 10th M30-34, 13:36-1:02-35:28-0:59-17:34

All looking good for Port Mac. Go Gav!

Thursday, 4 March 2010 2009/10 Australian Half Ironman Series Championships
After a less than ideal season, Mandy Newman placed second in F40-44 age group.


Sunday, 21 February 2010 Australian Sprint Distance Championships, Sandringham

Mandy Newman, 1:16:43, 5th F40-44, 12:42-2:05-35:56-1:52-24:08
Karl Augustin, 1:11:58, 7th M50-54, 14:01-1:56-34:42-1:40-19:39
Rob Raulings, 1:07:43, 8th M40-44, 10:46-1:52-31:28-1:47-21:50
Jeff Beavis, 1:08:42, 9th M40-44, 11:58-1:51-33:13-1:30-20:10

Sunday, 14 February 2010 Gatorade Race 5, Portarlington
Gatorade 800-26-8

Rob Solly, 1:31:01, 16th M35-39, 11:53-2:07-42:28-0:54-33:40
Linda Solly, 1:40:39. 8th F35-39, 12:57-2:39-47:32-1:08-36:23
Michelle Currie, 1:52:58, 18th F35-39, 15:03-2:46-53:05-1:50-40:14
Katherine Taylor, 1:56:11, 22nd F30-34. 13:56-2:53-49:53-1:17-48:12
Phil Caligiuiri, 1:59:38, 42nd M45-49, 18:36-3:07-46:25-1:26-50:05
Marie Maguire, 2:05:00, 3rd F55-59, 15:37-3:41-1:00:36-1:25-43:41
Katie Anderson, 2:25:21, 2nd Athena, 14:07-5:02-57:20-2:24-1:06:29

Brooks race 300-10-3
Sandra Buth 1:02:12, 3rd F50+, 6:37-29:26-26:10

Sunday, 7 February 2010 Geelong 70.3

Mandy Newman (40-44) 3rd in 5:14hr - a huge PB
Swim 29:46; Ride 2:43:53; Run 1:54:52
Julie King (55-59) 3rd in 5:52hr
Swim 32:27; Ride 3:01:34; Run 2:09:58
Jamie Morgan (35-39) 33rd in 4:40hr
Swim 29:54; Ride 2:25:39; Run 1:40:10
Karl Augustin (50-54) 39th in 6:16
Swim 37:48; Ride 2:51:15; Run 2:40:52
Gavin Hicks (30-34) 60th in 4:47:05
Swim 31:57; Ride 2:36:56; Run 1:32:56
Hayden Marshall (30-34) 104th in 5:17
Swim 29:25; ride 2:48:00; Run 1:55:28
Steven Feher (40-44) 111th in 5:39:20
Swim 33:59; Ride 3:05:49; Run 1:51:21
Daniel Moloney (35-39) 183rd in 6:28
Swim 25:12; Ride 3:18:12; Run 2:25:26

We also had the following results in teams:
Last Minutes (Mixed Team) 4th
Katie Anderson: swim 35:45. Chris O'Donnell: ride 2:36:48. Marcus Hanley: run 1:27:57
Solly (Mixed Team) 19th in 5:12:29
Rob: swim 32:07, ride 2:39:52. Linda: run 1:54:13
Dream Team (Mixed Team) 30th in 5:52:33
Kath Taylor: swim 35:26, ride 3:08:33. Phil Caligiuri 2:03:10

Sunday, 31 January 2010 Gatorade Race 4, Elwood
Gatorade 500-20-5

Rob Solly, 1:09:43, 16th M35-39, 9:13-1:24-35:32-1:24-22:10
Rob Raulings, 1:11:34, 10th M40-44, 8:27-1:16-33:16-1:30-27:05 Rob R's swim was a third in his category and the ride was a top 10 effort
Trevor Harrison, 1:11:51, 22nd M30-34, 9:35-1:47-36:27-1:45-22:17
Linda Solly, 1:15:59, 6th F35-39, 10:19-1:25-39:16-1:31-23:28 Linda came second in the swim and top 10 in the ride and run
Daniel Moloney, 1:25:21, 89th M30-34, 10:33-2:14-4:06-1:54-27:34
Kath Taylor, 1:28:26, 20th F30-34, 11:11-1:46-40:08-2:15-33:07 Kath had top 10 times in the swim and ride. Watch out once she starts to run again!
Phil Caligiuri, 1:34:50, 56th M45-49, 14:48-1:58-36:55-1:57-39:12 Phil's ride was a top 10 effort.
Marie Maguire, 1:43:02, 1st F55-59, 12:37-2:42-50:54-2:52-33:57 Marie scooped the pool across all disciplines
Katie Anderson, 1:50:01, 6th Athena, 11:26-?-52:15-2:58-43:22 Katie was the first out of the water and had a top 10 in the run. Bike and T1 times are added together.
Stephen Gowers, ??, 10:36-?-44:42-2:18-?? Stephen completed the course but even one week after the race there is no finish time for him. We'll assume he won!

Brooks 300-10-3
Owen Wade, 50:12, 96th M30-39, 8:07-1:30-22:12-1:27-16:57 This was Owen's first triathlon. Let's hope it's the start of something big!
Sandra Buth, 1:02:51, 9th F50+, 8:34-1:47-25:30-1:17-25:44 Top 10 finishes in all disciplines but the strongest was the swim with a fifth place.

Thursday, 28 January 2010 AV Shield Round 12, NW Region
Trent Kelly, 4:34.10, 1500, 8th Section 3
Matt Goodger, 6:09.10, 1500, 20th Section 6
Matt Goodger, 1:24.99, 400, 6th Section 22
Damien Poynton, 1:02.47, 400, 6th Section 17

Sunday, 24 January 2010 Canberra Capital National Triathlon

Jeff Beavis, 2:25:09, 16th M40-44, 29:44-1:07:40-47:44

Thursday, 21 January 2010 AV Shield Round 11, NW Region
Trent Kelly, 2:10.06, 800, 9th Section 2
Matt Goodger, 2:57.38, 800, 6th Section 9
Matt Goodger, 13:59.6, 3000, 106th
Sam Wenban, 11:53.7, 3000, 68th
Lisa Ierardo, 13:17.23, 3000, 93rd
Daniel Ierardo, 13:41.72, 3000, 98th
Damien Poynton, 12:30.26, 3000, 76th
Damien Poynton, 27.59, 200, 6th Section 8
Trent Kelly, 26.14, 200, 3rd Section 6

Sunday, 17 January 2010 XOTriSeries Race 3 Mordialloc
Enduro 2x(200-8k-2k)
Summer Hall, 1:01:01, 2nd F3034, 4:55-1:12-13:53-1:19-8:34-6:40*-1:07-13:49-1:19-8:13
*incl run-swim transition
Great work, Summer!

Saturday, 16 January 2010 Danger 1000 Ocean Swim
1000m openwater swim

Rob Solly, 19:58, 36th Open, overall postion 265
Linda Solly, 20:10, 7th F35-39, overall 278
Julie King, 21:14, 3rd F55-59, overall 369

Julie's race report: "Had a good swim at Torquay this afternoon, coming in 3rd in my age category. Blustery south-westerly winds made heading out to the first buoy a trial, in fact I think I went a bit off-course on that leg! But I made up for this in the 2nd & 3rd legs using the current and choppiness to my advantage, managing to pass a few swimmers with the same green caps. My prize was a really nice Engine silicon swimcap and goggles."

Thursday, 14 January 2010 AV Shield Round 10, NW Region
Matt Goodger, 6:21.4, 1500, 18th Section 4
Damien Poynton, 5:22.3, 1500, 4th Section 4
Trent Kelly, 5:18.6, 1500, 3rd Section 4
Lisa Ierardo, 6:18.2, 1500, 19th Section 6
Sam Wenban, 12:04.54, 3000, 13th Section 1
Damien Poynton, 22:39.86, 5000, 44th
Damien Poynton, 13.38, 100, 17th Section 18
Trent Kelly, 14.04, 100, 3rd Section 23

Sunday, 10 January 2010 Gatorade Race 3, Sandringham
Gatorade Olympic Distance 1500-40-10
Trevor Harrison, 2:20:07.55, 44th M30-34, 28:30-2:38-1:06:00-1:54-41:05
Karl Augustin, 2:23:02.04, 6th M50-54, 30:40-2:17-1:07:37-2:08-40:21
Hayden Marshall, 2:24:25.22, 61st M30-34, 26:03-2:52-1:10:08-2:09-43:14
Jeff Beavis, 2:25:12.33, 22nd M40-44, 29:55-1:59-1:07:50-1:35-44:14
Daniel Moloney, 2:52:11.42, 117th M30-34, 32:26-3:42-1:19:01-2:33-54:30
Karl's swim and run were both top 10 in his category.

Sprint distance 750-20-5
Angelo Pagano, 1:26:25.68, 10th M45-49, 22:36-3:27-36:24-2:11-21:48
Katie Anderson, 1:47:22.78, 2nd Athena, 18:44-4:19-42:46-3:19-38:15
Angelo's ride and run were both top 10 efforts.
Katie was first out of the water in her category and second in the ride and run.

Well done everyone.

Saturday, 9 January 2010 NIB Lorne Pier to Pub
1200m openwater swim
Rob Solly, 11:26, 97th senior male
Linda Solly, 15:24, 24th senior female
Daniel Moloney, 16:30, 220th senior male
Pat Buckley, 21:13, 393rd veteran male

Linda and Rob have both improved compared to last year, by 16 and 64 places, respectively). Great work!

Friday, 8 January 2010 NIB Mountain to Surf
8km run
Rob Solly, 31:33, 25th Senior Men

This is an improvement of 37seconds and 17 places from 09.