Enjoy. Perform. Succeed.

Shane and Matt at Shepp 70.3. Finished and survived!

Gavin spots the finish line at Shepparton

Jarratt on his way to a PB at Shepparton

Rob Solly before the meltdown at Shepparton.

The look of a man about to get a top 100 bike split. Jamie Morgan at Shepparton.

Miesso Gisho, on his way to a PB in the 400m AV Shield Round 3, 27th October 2012

Michelle and friends after finishing the ATB

Steven Feher is an Ironman! Cairns 3rd June 2012

Julie King (right) and Mandy Newman win at Elwood 22nd January 2012

Gavin Hicks, Ironman Melbourne, 25th March 2012








Chris O'Donnell, Ironman Melbourne, 25th March 2012


Julie King and Mandy Newman, two 1sts at XOSize Race 5, Brighton, 25th March 2012

Steven Feher, Portarlington Long Course, 18th March 2012








Katherine Taylor, Portarlington Long Course, 18th March 2012.







Julie King, Victorian Champion!, Sprint Distance Championships, 26th February 2012







Mandy Newman, 2nd, Victorian Sprint Distance Championships, 26th February 2012











Phil Caligiuri Geelong HIM 12th February 2012







Rob Solly, Geelong Olympic Distance race, 12th February 2012







Chris O'Donnell, Geelong HIM, 12th February 2012







Angelo Pagano, Geelong HIM, 12th February 2012










Mandy Newman, 1st, F40-44, XOSize Race 3, Elwood, 22nd January 2012












Gavin Hicks, 3rd, M30-34,  XOSize Race 3, Elwood 22nd January 2012













Katie Anderson, 3rd, Gatorade Race3, Brighton, 15th January 2012











Julie King, 3rd, DUCHAMP Ripview Classic, Point Londsdale, 2nd January 2012.











2012 News

Saturday, 29 December 2012
Lake Benalla Tri
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-ride-run 
Rob Solly, 1:06:44, 3rd M40-44, 12:16-33:38-20:50

Sunday, 16 December 2012
Gatorade Race 2, Elwood
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run 
Karl Augustin, 1:11:21.5, 5th M5054, 10:34-1:43-36:39-0:55.5-21:30
The challenging rough swim and the wind (gusting to 70km/h) on the bike and run certainly tested competitors and organisers. The swim had been on again-off again since Thursday. The forecast rain didn't eventuate, so it went ahead, but then the wind blew up. 

Saturday, 15 December 2012
AV Shield Round 9, Aberfeldie
Tom Hayes, 4:50.5, 1500m, 1st Heat 8
Tom Hayes, 12:00.1, 3k steeple, 1st Open Men - PB!
Tom Hayes, 3.87m, long jump, 10th Group 7 - first time
Miesso Gisho, 12.65, 100m, 5th Heat 19
Miesso Gisho, 4:32.8, 1500m, 12th Heat 5
Miesso Gisho, 5.17m, long jump, 3rd Group 5 - PB!
Matt Goodger, 1:20.93, 400m 1st Heat 25
Matt Goodger, 6:26.4, 1500m 9th, Heat 11
Aaron Heaney, 12:47.3, 3k steeple, 2nd Open Men

Sunday, 9 December 2012
Coomealla Triathlon
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim (+T1) ride (+T2) run 
Jeff Beavis, 1:08:01, 9th M4549, 10:17-36:43-21:01
Jeff is nothing, if not consistent - he placed top 10 last year, too. This year, he managed to stay top 10 with a borrowed wheel.
Times were slower all round this year as there was a gale force cross wind on the bike.

Thursday, 6 December 2012
AV Shield Round 8, Aberfeldie
Miesso Gisho, 2:00.2, 800m, 1st place heat 2. Another PB for Miesso and he won by ~ 20m. Great work!
Matt Goodger, 3:04.20, 800m, 7th Heat 9
Aaron Heaney, 21:02.6, 5400 (yep, he ran an extra lap!). Aaz should have finished in 10th place in a time of 19:34 but felt sorry for 14 people, so did an extra 400m and finished 24th.
Matt Goodger, 25:11.80, 5000m, 39th. 

Sunday, 2 December 2012
XOSize R2, Brighton
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim1-T1-ride1-T2-run1/T3-swim2-T4-ride2-T5/run2
Julie King, 1:29:34.5, 1st F55-59, 6:12-1:11-20:33-1:44-15:00-7:45-52.6-21:17.3-14:59.2 

Saturday, 1 December 2012
AV Shield Round 7, Newport
Tom Hayes, 4:51.6, 1500m, 8th Heat 8
Tom Hayes, 12:04.3, 3k steeple, 3rd Open Men - PB!
Miesso Gisho, 12.82, 100m, 1st Heat 28
Miesso Gisho, 54.04, 400m, 2nd Heat 11
Miesso Gisho, 5.16m, long jump, 1st Group 6
Matt Goodger, 17.65, 100m, 3rd Heat 29
Matt Goodger, 1:22.67, 400m 6th Heat 18
Matt Goodger, 6:26.9, 1500m 11th, Heat 11
Damien Poynton, 5:20.7, 1500m 8th Heat 10 - PB!

Sunday, 25 November 2012
Gatorade Race 1, St Kilda
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run 
Rob Solly, 1:04:35, 9th M40-44, 9:11-1:19-31:40-1:34-20:51
Top 10 finish for Rob... and he wasn't "wifed" this time.

Saturday, 24 November 2012
TriVic AGM
Julie King rewarded for her efforts as a Technical Official over the last 5 years. Congratulations!

Saturday, 24 November 2012
AV Shield Round 6, Meadowglen
Miesso Gisho, 10:00.2, 3000m, 4th Heat 1 PB!
Tom Hayes, 11:38.9, 3000m, 12th Heat 2
Matthew Goodger, 17:43.3, 3000m, 22nd Heat 3
Miesso Gisho, 2:05.10, 800m, 1st Heat 2 PB!
Matthew Goodger, 3:06.2, 800m 10th Heat 8 
Matthew Goodger, 36.69, 200m, 6th Heat 24

Sunday, 18 November 2012
Campbells Shepparton 70.3
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run
Jamie Morgan, 4:41.16, 19th M3539, 32:03-2:20-2:29:00-1:35-1:36:18
Gavin Hicks, 4:43:50, 16th M3034, 32:35-1:54-2:34:41-1:50-1:32:50
Jarratt Morgan, 4:54:36, 30th M3034, 32:49-1:34-2:29:03-1:34-1:49:27
Rob Solly, 5:32:57, 96th M4044, 33:30-3:11-2:41:55-1:36-2:12:45
Steven Feher, 5:37:46, 52nd M4549, 35:51-3:48-3:07:33-2:32-1:48:02
Matthew Barnett, 5:59:01, 129th M3539, 40:50-3:03-3:03:57-1:54-2:09:17
Shane Draper, 6:02:30, 132nd M3539, 49:44-4:52-3:23:56-3:26-1:40:32
Jamie finished 88th overall (in a field of over 900), mainly off the back of a bike that was the 72nd fastest on the day.
Jarratt was only one place behind on the bike with the 73rd fastest on the day.
Gavin had a top 100 run - the 86th fastest on the day.
Matthew and Shane were doing only their second ever triathlon.
Well done everyone.

Saturday, 17 November 2012
AV Shield Round 5, Newport
Aaron Heaney, 10:56.8, 3000m, 13th Heat 2
Tom Hayes, 11:18.8, 3000m, 22nd Heat 2 
Miesso Gisho, 4:20.7, 1500m, 2nd Heat 5 PB!
Tom Hayes, 4:49.9, 1500m, 15th Heat 5
Matthew Goodger, 6:31.4, 1500m, 5th Heat 34
Miesso Gisho, 0:53.08, 400m, 1st Heat 9 PB!
Matthew Goodger, 1:24.04, 400m 3rd Heat 20
Matthew Goodger, 17.66, 100m, 5th Heat 34

Sunday, 11 November 2012
XOSize Series, Race 1, Mordialloc
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run
Julie King, 1:08:58.4, 2nd F55-59, 10:18.2-1:21.2-28:36.9-1:39.9-27:02
Gavin Hicks, 54:41.5, 8th M30-34, 9:08.2-1:17.0-24:15.1-1:10.7-18:50.5
Julie had the fastest swim and ride times in her age group.
Gavin finished top 50 overall.
Sunday, 4 November 2012
Ray White Lara Fun Run
Jeff Beavis, 43:53, 3rd M 46-55

Jeff's comments: "Now know why I do triathlon not fun runs, took 1500 to find some space to work in by time got through walkers and pushers (teams started at back). Consequently negatively split run by 65 secs quicker for  2nd 5km. My luck, when I finally make a podium they only acknowledge 1st place in each category."

Saturday, 3 November 2012
AV Shield Round 4
Tom Hayes, 19:28.63, 5000m, 6th Section 1
Karl Augustin, 19:41.23, 5000m, 9th Heat 2

Sunday, 28 October 2012
Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff, Central Park, New York, USA
5 miles/8 km
Sandra Buth 1:03:46, 110th F50-54
Sandra's comments: Not bad and not great.  Tough course and too many people (hard to get a clear run from the back). Will work on getting faster on the course!
Her comments on the conditions in NY as Hurricane Sandy approaches on Monday 29th:  Working from home today as the office is on the lower end of Manhattan, area itself is closed and all public transport stopped.  Windy outside home but no rain so far.

Saturday, 27 October 2012
AV Shield Round 3
Miesso Gisho, 12.25, 100m, 3rd Section 26 - PB!
Miesso Gisho, 54.10, 400m, 1st Section 12 - PB!
Tom Hayes, 4:55.0, 1500m, 12th Section 7
Tom Hayes, 12:22.0, 3k steeple, 4th Section 1 - PB!

Sunday, 21 October 2012
Around the Bay in a Day
While this isn't a race, it's a big day out. Here are the comments from our ATBers:
Michelle Currie: 
Phew we made it! Very sore bottom but to be expected. Somehow managed to add in Altona sight seeing seciton and we ended up cycling 227k all up

Jeff Beavis: 
Was quite good and yes sun was nice. Prepared for the worst of weather and ended up sunburnt.

Had average speed for the 135 by bike computer of 32.6. This included the 15 approx km from Dromana to Mt Eliza (not including climb up Mt Martha) where I was pulling a bunch of lazy ???? at 41kph but not one of the group of 12 behind would come forward to take a turn at front. Guess it only makes you stronger!!! Overall was a really enjoyable day. Lot of people out there who should not be allowed to ride a bike on the road though.

Saturday, 20 October 2012
AV Shield Round 2
Miesso Gisho, 2:06.67, 800m, 1st, Section 3
Miesso Gisho, 27.84, 200m, 4th Section 30
Matt Goodger, 3:06.86, 800m, 6th Section 10
Matt Gooder, 15:24.67, 3000m, 34th Section 3
Aaron Heaney, 11:24.67, 3000m, 22nd Section 2

Sunday, 14 October 2012
Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival
Gavin Hicks, 2:50:15, 42.2km, 88th Male, top 100 overall (Category place TBC)
Matthew Barnett, 1:48:30, 21.1km, 1566th Male (Category place TBC)

Saturday, 13 October 2012
AV Shield Round 1
Miesso Gisho, 4:33.8, 1500m (place TBC)
Miesso Gisho, 11.94, 100m, 3rd Section 22
Miesso Gisho, 55.01, 400m, 1st Section 11
Matt Goodger, 6:28.79, 1500m, 8th Section 9
Matt Gooder, 25:28, 5000m, 39th
Aaron Heaney, 19:47, 5000m, 19th

Sunday, 16 September 2012
Amy's Gran Fondo
120k loop starting and ending at Lorne. Riders ride clockwise via Skenes Creek and Benwerrin
110k timed, 10k neutral - 120k in total
KOM: 10k climb starting 39km into the race - starting at turn onto Skenes Creek Rd and finishing at Mt Sabine

Jarratt Morgan, 3:11:14.8, 31st M30-34, KOM time: 28:09.7, 31st M30-34
Jamie Morgan, 3:31:53.8, 114th M35-39, KOM time: 30:36.5 86th M35-39
Rob Solly, 3:40:46.5, 209th M40-44, KOM time 32:51.7, 179th M40-44 
Jarratt qualified to go to the Worlds!
Jamie only missed qualifying by 1 minute - not bad for someone who can't breathe!
Rob's cross training (skiing) obviously hasn't paid off this year.

Sunday, 16 September 2012
Geelong Cross Country Club Half Marathon
Gavin Hicks, 1:22:38, 2nd M Open
Well done - a podium for a half marathon slipped into the middle of an ultra run!

Sunday, 2 September 2012
Advanced Freight Victoria Half Marathon, Burnley, 2nd September 2012
Gavin Hicks, 1:19:07, 73rd Open Men
Karl Augustin, 1:28:35, 18th 50-54 Men
Angelo Pagano, 1:33:26, 35th 45-49 Men
Aaron Heaney, 1:43:36, 198th Open Men
Matt Goodger, 2:11:23, 220th Open Men

This was a huge 3 minute PB for Ange - congratulations!

Saturday, 23 June 2012
XCR12 round 5, Brimbank Park
6k cross country
Miesso Gisho, 24:11.64, 16th M U20
Tom Hayes, 27:20.4, 20th M U20

Sunday, 3 June 2012
Cairns Airport Ironman Cairns, 3rd June 2012
3.8km swim-180km ride-42.4km run
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Steven Feher, 12:24:00, 39th M45-49, 1:19:27-8:27-6:17:53-8:34-4:29:35
Congratulations, Steven, you are an Ironman! Now onto the Arch to Arc!
Saturday, 26 May 2012
XCR12, Round 3, Flemington Racecourse
10k road race
Miesso Gisho, 39:42.10, 14th M U20
Matthew Goodger, 60:07.9, 477th M Open

Saturday, 19 May 2012
Dirty Gran Fondo, 19th May 2012
90km MTB
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place

Jarratt Morgan, 4:47:50, 13th Open Men
Chris O'Donnell, 5:04:54, 20th Open Men
Chris had an accident resulting in a very attractive scar!

Sunday, 6 May 2012
Ironman Australia, 6th May 2012
3.8km swim-180km ride-42.4km run
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Gavin Hicks,10:16:55, 41st M30-34, 1:03:40-3:15-5:33:10-2:56-3:33:52
Even after doing Ironman Melbourne only six weeks previous, Gavin was able to overtake a number of his competitors in the run.

Sunday, 6 May 2012
Mother's Day Classic, 6th May 2012
8km run
Jamie, Helen and baby Jasper did the Mother's Day Classic together. Typically, Jamie made sure he won and that his son was second:
Jamie 46:59.2
Jasper 46:59.7
Helen (obviously shoved aside so the boys could win): 46:59.9

Saturday, 5 May 2012
Forrest 6 hour MTB, 5th May 2012
6 hour enduro race. Each lap is 11.5km

Jarratt Morgan, 18th - Solo Men, 8 laps. Lap splits:
8 55:35 12.38
7 57:16 12.02
6 52:29 13.11
5 50:07 13.73
4 50:17 13.69
3 48:52 14.08
2 48:23 14.22
1 46:22 14.84
Congratulations on the big step up from doing it as part of a two man team last year.

Saturday, 14 April 2012
ITU Sydney Age Group Olympic Distance race, 14th April 2012
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run
Rob Solly, 2:23:50, 38th M40-44, 26:04-0:54-1:11:55-0:49-44:06
Jeff Beavis, 2:34:27, 56th M45-49, 27:40-1:41-1:14:28-1:32-49:05

Sunday, 25 March 2012
Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship - Melbourne, 25th March 2012
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run
Gavin Hicks, 9:47:43, 38th M30-34, 1:09:24-3:38-5:10:36-3:14-3:20:49
Chris O'Donnell, 10:03:02, 61st M40-44,1:04:39-7:30-5:07:50-5:53-3:37:08

Sunday, 25 March 2012
XOSize TriSeries 11/12 - Race 5 Brighton, 25th March 2012
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Mandy Newman 1:16:44, 1st F40-44, 13:23-1:29-38:13-1:16-22:23
Julie King 1:20:39, 1st F55-59, 14:17-1:21-38:55-1:27-24:38

Gavin Hicks is a clever man - he placed 2nd in the XOSize series for M30-34 while he was racing Ironman.

Sunday, 18 March 2012
Gatorade Race 6 and Long Course, Portarlington, 18th March 2012
Long Course: 2-80-20
Gatorade: 800-26-8
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run
Long Course:
Kath Taylor, 5:04:06, 3rd F35-39, 35:50-2:40-2:28:08-1:48-1:55:37
Steven Feher, 5:12:47, 16th M45-49, 41:05-3:49-2:39:47-1:58-1:46:06

Rob Solly, 1:34:05, 5th M40-44, 14:21-2:13-43:57-0:56-32:35
Michelle Currie, 2:00:54, 14th F35-39, 18:53-2:59-56:00-1:51-41:09
EPS Tri Trio (aka Chanel, Karl & Jamie), 1:36:34, 4th Teams, 16:13-1:57-46:45-0:45-30:52

Monday, 12 March 2012
ASICS Victor Harbour Triathlon, Monday 12th March 2012
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-ride-run (transitions are included in the bike time)
Rob Solly, 2:16:18,10th M40-44, 22:58-1:12:10-41:11
This was a qualifying race for the World Champs, so no mean feat finishing in the top 10.

Sunday, 26 February 2012
Victorian Sprint Distance Championships, 26th February 2012
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Julie King, 1:28:10, 1st F55-59, 17:44-2:00-39:49-1:51-26:46 STATE CHAMPION!!
Mandy Newman, 1:19:29, 2nd F40-44, 15:55-1:53-36:00-1:37-24:04
Gavin Hicks*, 1:11:17, 5th M30-34, 13:09-4:00-33:38-1:11-19:19
Jeff Beavis, 1:18:05, 11th M45-49, 16:15-1:43-35:22-1:43-23:01
Karl Augustin, 1:23:13, 15th M50-54, 18:49-2:19-36:50-1:45-23:30
Angelo Pagano, 1:26:51, 25th M45-49, 21:46-3:31-35:40-2:42-23:13

*Gavins times are estimates, and the swim time is as he stepped out of the water.

Sunday, 26 February 2012
Marysville Lake Mountain Cycling Classic, 26th February 2012
This was a recreational ride, not a race, so there is no official placing.
Here's Kath's report on what she thinks is "recreational"

Marysville-Lake Mountain Challenge – 160km
I decided to do the Marysville-Lake Mountain Challenge as a make-up race for having had to pull out of the Alpine Classic 200km halfway through (this was due to a cleat misalignment, which was causing knee problems). I had done all the training for Alpine and the MLMC was three weeks later, so I could transfer my Alpine fitness straight over. I also thought this event would suit me with quite a lot of flat, and then a really big hill at the end.
Despite a super hot day on Saturday, Marysville’s temperature was predicted to be 30 degrees only on the Sunday. On the morning of the ride, the weather was perfect – overcast and mild.
The MLMC long course event had two distance options – 120km and 160km. The 120km course was mostly flat to undulating, and including the hill at Lake Eildon. The 160km included the same course as the 120km but had an additional 40km Lake Mountain climb at the end.
All the long course riders started together at 8am. At Amy’s Gran Fondo, I had missed the correct start group, so this time I was determined to get a good position near the front. They released groups of 20 riders at a time – I was in the fourth group to depart.
The ride out to Taggerty was flat with a headwind. My group was prepared to do rolling turns, so we all worked together till just before Alexandra. We had been travelling along really quickly at a pace I knew was not sustainable so I decided to enjoy it while it lasted. At one point, a cyclist said to me that if there was a prize for sock height, I would win. That lifted my spirits dramatically. For some reason, I ended up on the front quite a bit and then no-one would come forward to take a turn. Not fair – I was the only girl in the group! We hit a hill and the bunch broke into two. Then a bit further down the track, I lost touch with the group. They were faster and stronger but I was glad I had held on for as long as I did.
I had a quick stop at the aid station at Alexandra but wanted to keep moving. I made the mistake of topping up my drink bottles with what I thought was water, but turned out to be some sort of orange sports drink – Caffe Latte Perpetuem and orange sports drink do not mix! But I drank it anyway – I was thirsty and that’s all I had.
I rode alone from Alexandra to Eildon, but at the Eildon aid station bumped into two guys who I’d ridden with in the early bunch. They asked me to join them so we all worked together up until about 10km before Marysville. They were two older guys from Black Rock CC and they were such strong riders – we were absolutely flying at some points and I was really glad to be able to ride with them. Eventually, a big bunch came along, sucked them up and spat me out at the back. They were just too fast for me.
The last 20km or so back into Marysville was awful – it was a false flat with a headwind. At that point I’d lost motivation and was riding alone, averaging around 20km/h, which was depressing. A friend caught up with me – he was travelling in a small group of three and I sat on the back of his group until we almost reached Marysville. I had done the 120km in 4:28, with the last 30km taking 1:20 – that was a really slow and painful hour. Now time for the big hill!
I had some fruit cake, topped up my drink bottles and then hit the mountain. That initial steep ascent was a bit of a shock and it didn’t seem like many riders were doing the 160km course - everyone was really spread out. My Garmin was showing 13% gradient with alarming frequency. My right knee was a bit sore and I felt like I was climbing really slowly, but I toughed it out and kept moving forward. At one stage, a guy caught up to me and rode with me for a bit chatting, but then he dropped away, which was a shame as I was enjoying the distraction. I tried to focus on the beautiful scenery, but it was pretty difficult after such a long ride. I took 1:44 to do the climb – I’m pretty sure that was a lot slower than the first time I had done Lake Mountain with fresh legs.
At the top, I had a stretch, chatted to some people, stuffed more food in my face, drank a lot and mentally prepared myself for the descent, which I knew would be cold. Apart from the cold, the descent ended up being fun because I knew the ride was almost over – and because I like descending. Someone shouted out ‘snake’ to me on the way down, but I never saw the snake – thankfully!
My total ride time for 164km was 6:39 – elapsed time was 7:04. I thought this was a great event and was surprised more people didn’t do it – the results show about 400 people in total for the long and short course events, and about 30 women in total. Well done also to Janet, who did the 120km and lead her bunch most of the way!

Sunday, 19 February 2012
Gatorade Race 5, Elwood, 19th February 2012
Results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Jamie Morgan, 1:01:54, 4th M35-39, 9:15-1:14-30:02-1:04-20:17
Rob Solly, 1:05:52, 8th M40-44, 9:25-1:35-32:00-1:28-21:22

Sunday, 12 February 2012
Geelong Multisport Festival, 12th February 2012
Two races were held: 2.80.20 and Olympic Distance.
Conditions on the day were "interesting". Driving rain made the bike course treacherous and if you were unlucky enough to be swimming during a rain storm, sighting was even more difficult than normal for Geelong. Of course the weather fined up and the sun came out for the run.

results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

2k swim - 80k ride - 20k run
Jarratt Morgan, 4:20:48, 14th M30-34, 32:23-2:40-2:10:12-1:48-1:33:43
Chris O'Donnell, 4:24:03, 27th M35-39, 33:01-4:07-2:17:05-2:38-1:27:10 Chris' tri-bars came loose during the ride
Angelo Pagano, 5:06:54, 26th M45-49, 46:19-5:26-2:25:30-4:16-1:45:21 This was Ange's first attempt at long course. He suffered his first cramp during the swim and then managed to hold off imminent cramps all through the run.
Phil Caligiuri, 5:36:29, 34rd M45-49, 48:55-3:19-2:36:01-3:20-2:04:52 Phil was kicked in the head during the swim, swallowed water which he subsequently threw up and then recovered holding onto the paddleboard.
1.5k swim - 40k ride - 10k run
Rob Solly, 2:23:50, 28th M40-44, 28:29-2:03-1:08:53-1:19-43:05
Jeff Beavis, 2:28:13, 22nd M45-49, 26:45-2:29-1:11:35-1:45-45:38
Kath Taylor, 2:40:11, 20th F35-39, 29:07-2:49-1:13:40-2:28-52:06 Kath had bad cramps during the run

Well done to all in trying conditions.

Sunday, 5 February 2012
Gatorade Race 4, Sandringham, 5th February 2012
results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run
Rob Solly, 2:25:06, 16th M40-44, 30:11-2:09-1:05:53-1:55-44:58
Saturday, 4 February 2012
AV Shield Round 12, NW Region
Henry Ireson, 4:55.8, 1500, 6th M U16 
Matthew Goodger, 7:17.6, 1500, 16th M Div 1

Sunday, 29 January 2012
Capital Summer "Australian Sprint Championships"
Results below are in the form:
Name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run
Jeff Beavis, 1:11:10, 25th M45-49, 12:11-1:37-34:01-1:14-22:05
Sunday, 29 January 2012
Omara Cycles Women's Triathlon, 29th January 2012
results below are in the form:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Mandy Newman, 56:06, 1st F40-49, 7:27-0:54-26:09-0:53-20:43
Julie King, 59:15, 1st F50+, 8:02-1:00-27:20-0:51-22:03

Mandy also placed 3rd outright the only two girls that beat her were under 23.

Well done, ladies.

Saturday, 28 January 2012
AV Shield Round 11, NW Region
Aaron Heaney, 21:11.20, 5000, 6th M Div 2
Trent Kelly, 2:05.84, 800m 8th M Div 1
Bryce Kelly, 8.43, shot put, 4th M U18

Thursday, 26 January 2012
Western Suburbs Triathlon Club, Race 3, 26th January 2012
Results below are in the form:
Name, total time, place, swim-ride-run

Rob Solly, 1:12:07.8, 10th M, 18:08-33:18.60-20:41.20

Sunday, 22 January 2012
XOSize TriSeries 11/12 - Race 3 Elwood, 22nd January 2012
results below are listed as:
Name, total time, category place,swim-T1-ride-T2-run-T3-2nd swim-T4- 2nd ride-T5- 2nd run

Jamie Morgan, 67:15, 4th M35-39,4:56-0:54-15:23-1:24-9:40-0:43-6:19-0:47-16:09-1:29-9:31
Gavin Hicks, 67:40, 3rd M30-34, 5:51-0:47-16:16-1:29-8:51-0:42-6:41-0:42-16:15-1:18-8:49
Angelo Pagano, 75:54, 15th M45-49, 6:46-1:11-17:05-1:46-9:43-1:12-8:01-1:11-17:32-1:49-9:40
Mandy Newman, 77:08, 1st F40-44, 5:11-1:12-17:49-1:49-11:24-0:47-7:00-0:53-18:25-1:43-10:56
Julie King, 81:41, 1st F55-59, 5:40-0:54-18:24-2:01-12:13-1:00-7:10-1:02-19:22-1:58-11:57
Steven Feher, 88:05, 20th M45-49, 6:28-3:11-18:16-2:42-11:10-2:28-7:55-3:00-19:22-2:32-11:01
Jamie had the 7th fastest bike1 split of the whole field.
Well done everyone. 

Saturday, 21 January 2012
AV Shield Round 10, NW Region
Tom Hayes, 12:42.60, 3k Steeple, 4th M Open
Aaron Heaney, 12:53.26, 3k Steeple, 5th M Open
Tom Hayes, 4:55.4m 1500, 9th M Open

Sunday, 15 January 2012
Gatorade Race 3, Brigthon, 15th January 2012
results below are in the format:
name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 1:04:09, 13th M40-44, 9:44-1:25-31:45-1:02-20:13
Katie Anderson, 1:38:27, 8th Athena, 10:59-3:35-43:29-3:14-37:10
That just goes to show what skiing in Aspen will do to you! (I'm not jealous - much!)

Saturday, 14 January 2012
Danger 1000, Jan Jac, 14th January 2012
1000m ocean swim
Julie King, 20:20, 4th W Grandveteran,
Rob Solly, 19:20, 81st M Supermaster
Julie's race report: "The Torquay swim was a bit more of a challenge this year with testing water conditions. The swim leg out to the first buoy was really tough with an incoming tide, waves breaking and a strong current from the side.
I ended up in 4th place being passed in the last 200m by a swimmer with more speed than I could muster at that stage. But very happy with the result."
Saturday, 7 January 2012
GMHBA Lorne Pier to Pub, 7th January 2012
Jeff Beavis, 19:40, 152nd Master Male
Phil Hinton, 21:30, 271st Master Male (it was Phil's first P2P)
Pat Buckley, 24:16, 391st Veteran Male

Tuesday, 3 January 2012
Race Report Inter Winter Series

Firstly I just wanted to talk about the reasons I decided to take up Mountain Bike Riding (MTB) this winter. 
  1. Fun
  2. To improve my bike strength and technique
  3. Enjoy something different.

During April this year after some discussions with Jarratt I decided to buy myself a Mountain bike and do some racing over winter. First I had to get the bike, a lot of different options are available even more varieties than road bikes. So after a lot of research I decided on an entry level hard tail with hydralic disc brakes, I eventually bought the Cannondale Trail SL3 cost $700 after much deliberation as I wasn't sure how much MTB I was going to do, so I decided that this was the best option for me. I also entered the "Inter Winter" series for a cost of $70 for 3 races over the winter. I had to develop my MTB skills as I have only ever ridden a MTB off road once in my life. I started using the bike as my commuter, I was suprised at how much harder it was to ride to work. I really enjoyed the fact that I was doing more work on the way to work and back. I needed to discover some where close to Melbourne where I could work on my Off road skills so I started talking to people about where to go and discovered some really good tracks at Studley park. One thing I noticed was it always seemed to rain when I was riding off road making the tracks really slippery, this in turn makes you work really hard.  
It rained for the whole week leading up to the race and the weather report said heavy rain for the day of the race. I don't really like riding in the rain because I am worried about crashing. Jarratt and myself headed out to the race site which was in a forrest out the back of Ballarat. We arrived and I was very nervous because the course had one of the toughest hills I have ever seen. We picked up our race kits and decided to go for a warm up, it became very clear that this was going to be really hard. My bike didn't seem to be moving very fast when I was pedaling, and was sliding when I turned. Jarratt almost went over his handle bars when his front wheel got stuck in one of many puddles of water. My nerves were not getting better. I would describe myself as been absolutely petrified, I do not recall feeling like this at any point in my life ( not even when kids were been born). As the race start got nearer I became increasingly unhappy and nervous with the thought of going home with broken bones etc., I was wondering why I had been I had been able to be talked into doing this race. I decided to start at the very back of the pack I did not want to get in anybody's way. The first lap was scary my bike was sliding on every corner and was really hard to ride, it took 1 hour and 15 mins to do the first lap, I think that I crashed about 10 times. I was covered in mud, the crashes did not seem to hurt because I was not moving very fast and the landings were very soft. On the positive side I seemed to be doing Ok, I was passing some slower riders, my second and third laps only took me 52 and 54 mins. I eventually finished the race, a lot of people had pulled out after the first lap. I actually really enjoyed the race, my bike looked like it had been on the bottom of the sea and it took me about 3 hours to get all the mud off my bike. My heart rate during the race was an average of 150 bpm, with an average speed of 10 km/h. I had a Great day despite all the crashes, I found the riding tough but extremely enjoyable, smiles all round. Jarratt won this round.  
Another muddy day on the bike, the course was open and fast with a few technical bits and a reasonable hill climb thrown in, I tried to stay with Jarratt but he got away from me when we got to hill. I think my skills were improving, I only had two crashes and I was passing people. I had been passed by some really strong riders but everyone was really polite while racing. I think that my fitness allowed me to pass people when we got to the uphill sections. The race went for about 2.5 hours despite my best efforts Jarratt one this round again, we both liked the course and decided to do another lap of the course after the race just for fun.  
It was a beautiful day, not a rain cloud in sight ! I had never been to the You Yang's before, but had heard good things. The tracks were amazing, this was mountain bike heaven ! We decided to go for a warm up and explore some of the tracks, we rode uphill for a bit and then took a path that looked like it went down hill, the sign said "Advanced". This path was really tough and I had a pretty nasty crash, my fingers were hurting and I had a nasty bruise emerging on my hip, we both had to get off our bikes and walk them down sections of this path. I was amazed that there were riders that get there bikes down these tracks.  
Time Trial Riders were spaced 30 seconds apart and we had to race up a hill called "Lactate". We then had to race a downhill section and then ride around a lake and back to the start line about 3km in length. After talking to Jarratt we decided that I was going to go one rider in front of him. The timer went off and I went for it, the hill was long and about two thirds up Jarratt went past me I decided to push really hard, I really wanted to win today. I managed to keep Jarrett in sight, when we got to the top of the hill he was stopped and did not know where to go, I took the opportunity and went past, I knew that I had to go really hard if I wanted to get my 30" back. I started the downhill section and really started to hammer. There was some really big drops and bumps but I just had to go for it. I could hear a bike behind and I thought that it was Jarratt, I did not want him to pass me again,I started to take some big risks and managed to get away. I got to the lake and rode as fast as I could and got to the line. The results were posted and my time was 4" slower than Jarratt. He got me again!  
XC This was a 3 lap race round about an 8 km loop it had some great uphill switchbacks, an awesome downhill section followed by some sand, through some trees and mangroves. Jarratt started this race at the front of the pack, I was close behind. I stayed close as we headed up the hill, oops I had a little crash! I had to make up time now Jarratt was getting away from me, I rode as hard and fast as I could up the hill, and really started to hammer down the hill, I caught up to him by the time we got into the mangroves. I decided to ride very quietly behind and wait for the right time to make my move, we came out of the trees and headed down a straight towards the start/ finish line, this was it, I got past him as we crossed the line. Yes the first lap was mine ! 2nd lap 200m in Jarratt went past me, I was chasing again he was just in front. We were passing each other in opposite directions as we went up the switchbacks, I was riding as fast I could, I crashed again and lost him again. I tried to make up time on the downhill but did not see him till we got to the switchbacks again on the last lap. He was in front but I thought I might still have chance if I could catch him on the downhill, I was flying down the hill and bang my back tyre blew, I hoped off and was very disappointed. Unfortunately there was something wrong with my spare and I had to run my bike back to the start/finish area. My first DNF but a really good race.  
XC Crit We had to ride our bikes around an 800m loop on the dirt for 12' and not get passed by the leader. I had never raced like this before so I had no idea on how I would go. When the race started I was fairly close to the front I stayed in it for about 6' and got passed so I was out. I finished this race in 34th position. 
I can't wait till next winter! 
I had a great days racing I really enjoyed the whole series. I did some really hard cycling, learnt some new skills and finished one race only 4 seconds behind Jarratt. I also made a really good friend, I am looking forward to our next race at Geelong. To make things even better I was sent a $50 "encouragement award", maybe they give them to the person who crashes the most :) 

Monday, 2 January 2012 DUCHAMP RipView Classic
4km swim 
Julie King, 18:31, 3rd F55-59
Stephen Gowers, 18:43, 57th M50-54