Enjoy. Perform. Succeed.

Back: Asmalash, Emma Kearney (teacher), Ali, Muse

Front: Esset, Robel

from Mount Alexander College after picking up lots of ribbons at the Moonee Valley Division Track and Field Competition.

Ruby Ali after picking up 1st (1500) and 2nd (800) at the Moonee Valley Division Track & Field competition.

Phil Caliguiri after beating the elements at Geelong 70.3

Rob Solly prior to braving the washing machine that was the swim at Geelong 5150.

Karl Augustin after Challenge Melbourne.

Julie King came 4th at Torquay. Here she is in action at Geelong in 2009

2014 News

28th December, 2014

Duchamp Point Lonsdale RipView Swim Classic

1.4km open water swim

Julie King, 22:11, 8th F60-64

Rob Solly, 22:30, 37th MOpen

18th December, 2014

AV Shield Round 8, Aberfeldie

Matthew Goodger, 800, 3:13.9, 19th MDiv 1

Asmelash, 800, 2:15.7, 3rd MU20

Muse, 800, 2:04.2, 2nd MU18 - PB!

Hayelom, 800, 2:19.80, 19th MU18*

Robel, 800, 3:04.0, 2nd WU18 PB!

Muse, 3000, 9:59.8, 4th MU18

Hayelom, 3000, 10:28.27, 8th MU18* PB!

Robel, 3000, 13:37.2, 2nd WU18

Tom Hayes, 5000, 18:29.0, 15th MDiv1 PB!

Matthew Goodger, 5000, 26:13.0, 19th MDiv1

Asmelash, 5000, 18:02.5, 2nd MU20 PB!

Muse and Hayelom were also part of the winning MU18 medley relay

* Hayelom's results are estimates - due to a technical problem with AV

It was wonderful to see so many PBs and to see Asmelash run a smart, first-ever 5000m.

14th December, 2014

AV Knockout Round 1

Muse, 800,  2:04.51, 7th MU18 (PB!)

Muse, 1500, 4:27.65, 7th MU18

Ruby Ali, 3000, 11:53.68, 4th WU16 (PB!)

12th-14th December, 2014

Australian Junior Triathlon Series Race 1

Georgi Clark headed to Runaway Bay for the SuperSprint Race weekend. Georgi races as an ITU Junior

Aquathon 300 swim, 1.6km run, 10:58.3, 23rd

6km Criterium, 14:39.2, 14th  

1000m run, 3:20.9, 16th and a PB!

Triathlon 300-6-1.6, 25:23, 32nd 

Triathlon 200-4-1.2, 17:42, 26th 

Triathlon 400-8.2.4, 35:54, 33rd 

Overall 25th place

7th December, 2014

TeamUp Active Tri, Race 2

Due to flooding the bike course was shortened to 7.6km


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-[T1+ride+T2]-run

Karolina Czajkowski, 26:52.2, 1st F12-13, 3:33-15:20-7:59 
A great result by Karolina!

6th December, 2014

Shield Round 7, Williamstown

Shield Round 7, Williamstown
Asmelash , 400, 1:00.4, 2nd MU20 and a PB!
Matt Goodger, 400, 1:26.08, 14th MDiv 1 

Muse, 400, 0:57.5, 4th MU18

Asmelash, 1500, 4:38.3, 2nd MU20

Matt Goodger, 1500, 6:50.9
Muse, 1500, 4:18.1, 5th MU18 and a PB!
Hayelom, 1500, 4:50.2, 3rd (my estimate) and a PB!
Robel, 1500, 6:26, 6th WU18

Tom Hayes, 1500, 4:50.7, 17th MDiv 1

Tom Hayes, 3k steeple, 12:03.9, 4th MDiv1

Tom Hayes, Jav, 15.15m, 6th MDiv 1

Tom Hayes, Discus, 14.39m, 4th MDiv1

Good to see Asmelash and Robel coming back from injury. Well done to Muse and Hayelom on their PBs. Good also to see Tom Hayes adding the Javelin to his substantial repertoire!

Hayelom ran invitation, so his results are 'unofficial', but he'll be joined up to Athletics Essendon by next round.

30th November, 2014

Gatorade R1, Elwood


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Georgia Clark, 1:11:50.6, 2nd ITU Junior F, 8:49-1:17-38:36-1:02-22:06.6

Rob Solly, 1:05:21.4, 13th M 40-44, 9:45-1:20-31:43-1:08-21:25.4

Sandra Buth, 2:02:49.1, 6th F55-59, 18:29-5:15-51:59-2:32-44:34.1

Active Feet R1, Elwood


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Karolina Czajkowski, 22:55.1, 2nd F12-14, 3:58-0:36-12:37-0:41-5:03.1

29th November, 2014

Victorian Relay Championships, Lakeside

Muse was part of a MU18 4x800 relay that placed 6th in the club championships.

Muse ran the first leg and his unofficial time was 2:07.41

23rd November, 2014

Yellow Zone vs Red Zone, Aberfeldie

Ruby, 3000 11:56.71 1st WU14 

Muse, 800 2:05.54 PB, 5th MU18 

Muse, 3000 9:52.5 PB , 8th MU18 

Hayelom, 3000 10:36.48 PB, 13th MU18 

Hayelom, 800 2:17.18 PB, 23rd MU18
Matthew Goodger, 3000, 16:06.96, 35th MOpen

Well done - this was a combined competition with another zone, so there were extra competitors. For Ruby to win is a fabulous job. Two top 10s and two PBs for Muse is also great, and Hayelom is continuing to improve with PBs in each. 

15 November, 2014

Shield Round 5, Werribee


Matthew Goodger, 15.16, 16th MOpen Div 1


Muse, 56.59, 4th M U18

Hayelom, 1:07.02, 16th M U18*


Matthew Goodger, 6:55.9, 18th MOpen Div 1

Muse, 4:27.7, 7th M U18

Robel, 6:27.3, 5th W U18

Hayelom, 4:48.92, 15th M U18*


Muse, 9:50.9, 2nd M U18

Hayelom, 11:02.3, 5th M U18*

Ruby Ali, 11:54.5, 1st F U14**

* Hayelom raced by invitation so his times and placings are not in the official results. These are my times and my estimate of his placing.

** This was Ruby's first ever Shield race and she won her age group! Go Ruby!!

Pleased to see Robel back from injury and Muse moving up through the ranks.

8-9 November, 2014

All Schools Track & Field Championships, Lakeside Stadium

Muse 9:46.25, 10th place BU17 and a big 18 second PB!

Ruby Ali 12:01.44, 13th place GU15 - Ruby's first 3k on the track and against older girls (Ruby is only 13)
Muse 4:27.21, 11th place BU17

Saturday 1st November, 2014

Shield Round 4, Aberfeldie


Muse, 10:14.7, 5th MU18

Aaron Heaney, 11:42.4, 11th M40+


Muse, 2:07.29, 3rd MU18


Asmelash, 6.82m 3rd MU20

Robel, 4.08, 9th WU18

It was extremely windy and probably slowed the 3000m by 10 seconds.

Saturday 25th October, 2014

Shield Round 3, Williamstown

3000m steeple:

Tom Hayes, 12:24.1, 2nd MOpen Div 1

Aaron Heaney, 12:58.9, 2nd M40+

Muse, 4:20.7, 5th MU18 and a new PB!
Asmelash, 4:36.82, 3rd MU20 and a new PB! (NOTE: Asmelash is missing from the official results - this is my time and my 'place')

Tom Hayes, 4:50.3, 14th MOpen Div 1
Muse, 55.73, 22nd MU18 and a new PB!


Tom Hayes, 15.94m, 4th MOpen Div 1

Sunday 19th October, 2014

National Duathlon Championships

10k run - 40k ride - 5k run

results below are in the form: name-time-place-run1-T1-ride-T2-run2

Karl Augustin, 2:23:38, 7th M55-59, 42:12-1:31-1:12:32-1:20-26:02

Shield Round 2, Aberfeldie


Asmelash Tesema, 2:13.4, 3rd MU20

Muse Tesema, 2:06.9, 3rd MU18

Robel Gebreweld, 3:11.0, 3rd FU18


Muse Tesema, 10:03.7, 9th MU18


Aaron Heaney, 20:05.8, 17th M40+

Friday 17th October, 2014

School Sport Victoria Secondary Schools Track & Field Championships


Muse Tesema, 4:24.62, 7th M16

Asmelash Tesema, 4:45.10, 10th M18-20


Saturday 11th October, 2014

Shield Round 1, Werribee

3000m steeple:

Aaron Heaney, 13:11.1, 1st M40+


Muse Tesema, 4:28.65, 10th MU18 and a new PB!

Matthew Goodger, 6:51.7, 17th MDiv 1


Muse Tesema, 59.78, 12th MU18

Matthew Goodger, 86.25, 7th MDiv1


Matthew Goodger, 18.21, 7th MDiv 1


Robel Gebreweld, 9.77m 5th WU18


Asmelash Tesema, 9.65m, 4th MU20

(Robel and Asmelash were injured so found other ways to earn points for their club)

All in all, a good introduction to inter-club Athletics for the AEARA athletes!

Saturday 4th October, 2014

Maribyrnong Park Run #7


Aaron Heaney, 20:08, 3rd VM40-44

Saturday 27th September, 2014

Maribyrnong Park Run #6


Aaron Heaney, 20:42, 2nd VM40-44

Saturday 20th September, 2014

XCR'14 Round 9 Tan Relays 

Aaron Heaney, 3.8km, 15:28 

Sunday 15th September, 2014

Amy's Gran Fondo

110k Ride

Rob Solly, 3:39:26.9, 140th M40-44

Brooks Duathlon Series Race 4, Richmond


results below are in the form: name-time-place-run1-T1-ride-T2-run2

Karl Augustin, 1:08:19, 4th M55-59, 19:22-0:53-34:42-0:46-12:36

Monday 8th September, 2014

Moonee Ponds Division Track & Field

Asmalash, 10:03, 3000, 1st M Open

Muse, 10:09, 3000, 3rd M Open

Robel, 13:32.01, 3000, 2nd F Open

Ruby Ali, 5:59.29, 1500, 1st F13

Robel, 6:25.70, 1500, 1st F16

Muse, 4:44.13, 1500, 1st M16

Asmalash, 5:05.50, 1st M20

Ruby Ali, 2:52.17, 800, 2nd F13

Esset, 3:08.34, 800, 4th F13

Ali, 2:32.40, 800, 4th M14

Muse, 2:13.09, 800 2nd M16

Robel, 3:10.46, 800 3rd F16

Asmalash, 2:25.33, 800 1st M20

Muse and Asmelash won their age groups overall, Robel came second in hers.

Ruby is from Buckley Park. The others are from Mount Alexander College and form part of the AEARA program.

Excellent work by all!

Sunday 7th September, 2014

XCR '14, Round 8, Burnley Half Marathon

Aaron Heaney, 1:39:15.9

Matt Goodger, 2:32:27.3

Sunday 31st August, 2014

Maribyrnong Park Run


Matthew Goodger, 29:28, 9th VM35-39

Sunday 24th August, 2014

Sandy Point Half Marathon

Michelle Currie, 1:45:36, 21st F40-49

she beat her brother by 10min and got a PB!

Saturday 16th August, 2014

XCR '14 Round 7, Lake Wendouree


Aaron Heaney, 1:05:51.9, 242nd Open Men

Matthew Goodger, 1:28.50.2, 314th Open Men

Sunday 27th July, 2014

Run Melbourne


Tara Usher, 1:03:52, 492nd, F40-49


Sandra Buth, 36:48, 89th, F50-59

Thursday 17th July, 2014

SSV Combined Cross Country State Finals

3000m XC

Ruby Ali, 12:08.9, 26th

Saturday 21st June, 2014

XCR'14 Round 3, 12km

Bundoora Park

Aaron Heaney, 1:02:09.2, 42nd M40-44

Matthew Goodger, 1:18:47.0, 183rd MOpen 

Sunday 1st June, 2014

MS Fun Run 5k

Tara Usher, 32:28, 42nd F40-49

With a sore back - well done!

Saturday 31st May, 2014

XCR'14 Round 2

Brimbank Park, 16k XC

Aaron Heaney, 1:23:03.1, 301st M Open

Matthew Goodger, 1:50:33.1, 352nd M Open

Sunday 25th May, 2014

Angela Taylor Memorial Run

Sandra Buth, 36:55, 5k, 19th F Veteran

Sunday 4th May, 2014

Great Train Race

Aaron Heaney, 1:01:17, 13.2km, 506th 

Unfortunately Puffing Billy out-puffed Aaz.

Saturday 3rd May, 2014

XCR'14 Round 1

Jells Park Cross Country Relays

Aaron Heaney, 25:55, 6k, part of 7th placed team Men Div 6

Matthew Goodger, 36:02 , 6k, part of 11th placed team Men Div 7

19th to 24th April, 2014

Police and Emergency Services Games


Carlee Botefuhr, 1st F 35-39, 42:02

Carlee also competed in a triathlon, open water swim and road race but I can't find the results.

Sunday 13th April, 2014

Run 4 the Kids


Aaron Heaney, 1:09:05, 1110th male

Sam Wenban, 1:15:56, 2666th male

Marie Maguire, 1:21:49, 1384th female

Sandra Buth, 2:08:39, 7833rd female

Saturday 12th April, 2014

AV Shield Final

Tom Hayes, 6.75m, shot put, 22nd M Div 1

Sunday 6th April, 2014

TriSeries Race 5, Mordialloc


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Jacinta Ford, 1:27:42.1, 7th F25-29, 15:05-1:27-42:51-1:36-26:43

Sunday 30th March, 2014

Active Feet Fun Tri Series Race 5, St Kilda


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Carlee Blanchard, 45:23.1, 4th F 30-39, 6:51-2:23-20:48-2:06-13:15

Gatorade Triathlon Series Race 5, St Kilda


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Karl Augustin, 1:14:08.1, 8th M 55-59, 14:44-3:07-33:25-1:50-21:02*
Angelo Pagano, 1:16:03.5, 22nd M 50-54, 17:09-4:00-31:51-2:00-21:03*
Julie King, 1:20:42.5, 1st F 55-59, 14:45-1:13-35:33-2:37-26:34
Phil Caligiuri, 1:26:14.5, 26th M 50-54, 16:32-3:10-34:09-2:00-30:23*
* splits for the men are unofficial but the total time and place are correct

XTerra Great Ocean Road Triathlon

1km ocean swim-26k MTB-10k trail run

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 2:37:07, 12th M 40-44, 27:32-1:50-1:11:41.8-0:39.8-55:23.3

not bad for someone with sore calves!

Saturday 29th March, 2014

Rollercoaster run

21.5km trail run in the Dandenongs

Carlee Blanchard, 2:48:07, 39th Female

Thursday 27th March, 2014

AV Shield Round 12, Aberfeldie

Aaron Heaney, 2:40.0, 800m, 16th M40+

Matthew Goodger, 25:22.7, 5000m, 13th M Div 1

Sunday 16th March, 2014

Gatorade Triathlon Series Race 4, Portarlington


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Karl Augustin, 1:44:42.4, 6th M55-59, 15:50-2:51-48:32-1:23-36:04
Angelo Pagano, 1:44:47.3, 11th M50-54, 19:18-2:57-46:27-1:25-34:38 
Rob Solly, 1:46:45.0, 26th M40-44, 13:29-2:21-46:46-1:03-43:03

A tough day at the office!

Saturday 8th March, 2014

AV Shield Round 11, Werribee

Matthew Goodger, 83.29, 400m, 21st Open Men

Sunday 2nd March, 2014

Warrnambool Olyfest


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 2:20:26, 2nd M35-44, 22:22-1:20-1:12:04-0:53-43:45
This was a top 10 (8th) result overall. Well done!

Sunday 23rd February, 2014

TeamUp TriSeries, Race 4, Brighton


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-run (run includes T2)

Julie King, 1:22:47.3, 1st F55-59, 15:15-1:18-39:17-26:55

Saturday 22nd February, 2014

AV Shield Round 10, Aberfeldie

Tom Hayes, 19:41.4, 5000m, 19th Open Men Div 1

Sunday 16th February, 2014

Australian Sprint Championships, Gatorade Race 3, Elwood


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Karl Augustin, 1:20:33.1, 10th M55-59, 19:12-2:20-36:29-2:21-20:08.

Great effort by Karl - he rode the last 2km with a flat tyre but still managed a top 10 bike split

Angelo Pagano, 1:22:38.5, 20th M50-54, 21:33-3:25-34:29-2:19-20:52

Jacinta Ford, 1:23:43.5, 11th F25-29, 14:56-42:23(incl. both transitions)-24:14

Sunday 9th February, 2014

Ironman 70.3 Geelong


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Phil Caliguiri, 6:35:44, 33rd M50-54, 52:32-4:43-3:16:23-4:43-2:17:23

It was a very tough day at the office for Phil, with the wind gusting to 70kph There were many "DNF"s on the day, so just finishing was a great a job. He also had to serve time in the Penalty Box.

Geelong Triathlon 5150


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 2:30:15, 2nd M40-45, 27:21-2:08-1:13:49-1:49-45:05


Sunday 2nd February, 2014

Scody Challenge Melbourne


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Karl Augustin, 5:15:36.3, 10th M55-59, 40:51-3:45-2:31:47-6:16-1:52:55

This was a huge 24 minute PB for Karl.

Saturday 1st February, 2014

AV Shield Round 8, Aberfeldie

Matthew Goodger, 38.2, 200m, 7th M Open Div 1

Matthew Goodger, 3:24.8, 800m, 20th M Open Div 1

Matthew Goodger, 16:19.9, 3000m, 18th M Open 

Aaron Heaney, 11:40.9, 3000m, 9th M 40+

Sunday 26th January, 2014

MMAD Swim Mt Martha

1.2km openwater swim

Tony Maher, 26:30, 70th M50-59

Triathlon Pink


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-ride-run (I don't know where transition is included)

Tara Usher, 57:01.4. 14th F40-44, 8:16.7-28:24.1-20:20.5 

Tara has stepped up in distance from last season - well done!

Tuesday 21st January, 2014

Victorian Miler's Club Meet 3, Nunawading

Matthew Goodger, 3:16.6, 800m, 12th

Sunday 19th January, 2014

TeamUp Tri Series Race 3

Mini Race 


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Jacinta Ford, 30:24, 2nd F18-25, 5:26.2-1:24.3-12:20.9-1:54.6-9:18

Saturday 18th January, 2014

AV Shield Round 7, Aberfeldie

Aaron Heaney, 1:10.34, 400m, 11th M 40+

Matt Goodger, 1:21.17, 400m, 12th M Div 1

Matt Goodger, 6:41.9, 1500m, 15th M Div 1

Aaron Heaney, 11:43.0, 3000m, 12th M 40+

Sunday 12th January, 2014

Gatorade Triathlon Series, Race 2 St Kilda


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 2:12:59.1, 16th M40-44, 23:28-1:53-1:02:32-2:20-42:45

Karl Augustin, 2:27:21.1, 10th M55-59, 28:28-2:13-1:11:24*-1:00*-44:14

* estimated by Supersprint as they didn't have his splits. T2 more likely to be 3 minutes

Sorrento Bay Swim

2000m openwater swim

Jacinta Forde, 34:04, 15th Open Women

Saturday 11th January, 2014

AV Shield Round 6, Albert Park

Tom Hayes, 2:19.3, 800m, 14th Open Men

Matthew Goodger, 3:10.8, 800m, 20th Open Men

Tom Hayes, 18:49.6, 5000m, 16th Open Men

Pier 2 Pub

1200m openwater swim

Pat Buckley, 19:42 510th Veteran Male

Saturday 4th January, 2014

Danger 1000

Julie King, 4th Female Grandveteran 55-59, 21:29