Enjoy. Perform. Succeed.

Laura placed 3rd in the second race of the Zatopek lower grades 10k. Here she is (2nd from left) after receiving her medal from Liam Adams.

Francois making his triathon debut

Rob Solly after completing his first ever Marathon.

Ruby with the first of her two silver medals at Western Metro.

Ruby (centre) with her silver medal from the Ekiden Relays

Laura at Bundoora Cross Country

Ruby with her Silver medal from the SSV Western Region Cross Country Champs

Laura at Lake Wendouree.

Rob Solly, Winner, Geelong Cross Country Club, 

Genevieve’s Hair and Beauty 7 000 metre Handicap

Gavin winning the Panaga Triathlon

Karolina, Triathlon Victoria Female Junior Athlete of the Year

Muse at Jell's Park Cross Country Relay

Barb is won the Athletics Victorian Community Coach for 2016. Front: Muse, Hayelom, Ash, Back: Barb, Ruby

Hayelom with his trophy for Best Club Man in the MU18 team.

Muse (left) and Hayelom (right) with their medals from the AV Knockout 1500m Final

Karolina (left) placed 4th in the Australian Junior Triathlon Series

Olivia waiting to race Gatorade R4, Elwood

Ruby (#1581) on her way to a PB at the Vic Juniors 2016.

Hayelom on his way to a PB at Vic Juniors 2016

Robel on her way to a PB at Vic Juniors 2016.

Muse (left) and Hayelom (right) part of the winning MU18 team AV Shield 2015/16.

Robel (right), part of the winning WU20 team AV Shield 2015/16

2016 News

15th December, 2016

AV Shield Round 9

Zali, 2:44.60, 800m, est 6th FU16 (estimated because she raced by invitiation)

Matthew Goodger, 3:17.60, 800m, 14th M Open


13th December, 2016

Christmas Gift (Club race)

Aaron, 9:35.13, 2400m

Matthew Goodger, 12:26.18, 2400m

Aaron took off 22 seconds compared to 2015. Matt didn't do it last year.

11th December, 2016

Ballarat 70.3

1900m swim-90k cycle-5km run

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Francois, 5:15:39, 42nd M30-34, 42:41-3:08-2:41:13-1:27-1:47:10

A great effort for his debut!

10th December, 2016

AV Shield Round 8

Matthew Goodger, 6:56.29, 1500m, 13th MOpen

Ruby 11:34.20, 3000m, 1st FU16

6th December, 2016

Zatopek Graded Track Races

Laura Paterson, 42:37.85, 10,000m, 3rd Female Div 2

4th December, 2016

ActiveTri R2, Mordialloc

500m swim-16km cycle-5km run

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Karolina, 55:18, 1st ITU Junior (14-15) Female, 7:53-0:57-24:37-0:49-21:01.

Liv, 77:49, 3rd F14-15, 11:31 and then the times are mucked up

Sandra Buth, 106:11, 7th F55-59, 15:52-3:12-39:37-2:14-45:16

3rd December, 2016
AV Shield Round 7
Matthew Goodger, 3:19.4, 17th MOpen
Ruby 11:46.5, 3rd FU16
Matthew Goodger, 30:50.5, 18th MOpen
Aaron Heaney, 21:11.7, 9th M40+

27th November, 2016

Gatorade R1, Elwood

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run


Liv, 1:28:06.1, 8th F15-19, 10:32.2-4:04.6-44:25.3-2:04.4-26:59.4

Rob Solly, 1:08:41.4, 11th M45-49, 9:06.3-2:31.3-34:33.2-1:23.9-21:06.5

26th November, 2016

Victorian Track Relay Championships

Laura Paterson,  part of the 6th placed W Open 4x800

20th November, 2016

Run Geelong

Rob Solly, 36:32, 145th M40-49, 6k (to be fair, Rob was running with his 9 y.o. son)

Laura Paterson, 53:44, 7th F30-39, 12k. Laura was also 18th female overall.

AV Shield Round 6


Matthew Goodger, 1:25.78, 21st MOpen


Ruby, 5:27.0, 3rd WU16

Matthew Goodger, 7:11.80, 14th MOpen

18th November, 2016
Melbourne Coastrek
Sandra Buth was part of Team Impact Daze who completed the 60km course in 13:51:21. Sandra is minus one toe nail but otherwise OK. Well done!

Coastrek is a 30-60km team trekking challenge. Teams of four, with at least 50% women, have between 10 to 18 hours to complete the challenge.

13th November, 2016

De Reel 6hr Bush Rogaine - Enfield State Forest

Francois was part of a 3 person mixed team who finished 11th overall and 6th in the mixed teams. Time was 5:49:55 (but I have no idea what the distance was!) 

12th November, 2016

AV Shield Rd 5, Werribee

Matthew Goodger, 3:38, 18th MOpen 800m

Matthew Goodger, 32:00.3, 12th MOpen 5000m

6th November, 2016

ActiveTri R1, Brighton

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run


Francois Bationo, 2:07:26, 3rd M30-34 12:12-3:09-1:08:11-2:03-41:51

This was meant to be an Olympic Distance race, but conditions were very bad, so the race was cut back to 600. Also, the swim time includes a long run back to transition. This was Francois' first triathlon (and first time in a wetsuit). Not a bad effort on debut!


Karolina, 68:31, 2nd Draft Legal Youth A Female, 7:23-1:22-37:22-1:22-21:00

Olivia, 90:56, 2nd Youth A Draft Female*, 10:04-2:41-46:30-2:11-29:19

* the category is clearly wrong, but the times are correct.  Waiting for corrected results.

4th-6th November, 2016

Victorian All Schools Track & Field Championships

On a very windy Friday night at Lakeside: All Schools Track & Field Championships.
Karolina, 5:16.79 6th FU16

Ruby, 5:23.26 8th FU16,


Ruby 11:22.86 5th FU16

29th October, 2016

AV Shield Round 4, Werribee

Asmelash, 4:26.3, 1500m 16th M Div1

Ruby, 5:31.1, 1500m, 3rd FU16

Aaron, 3k steeple, 14:40, 2nd M40+

17th October, 2016

SSV State Track and Field Championships

Ruby, 5:18.01, 1500, 7th Girls 15 and a 5 second PB!

16th October, 2016

Melbourne Marathon

Rob Solly, 3:57:11, 261st M45-49. 

Great effort for his first ever marathon!

Sprint Series Adventure race, Westerfolds Park 

Congratulations to Francois for being part of the winning team (French Spoon Merger). Their winning time was 1:51:41 - 13 minutes ahead of second place! 

The time includes finding the checkpoints and running with your teammate (together, not as a relay). It consists of a 3km trail run, 15km MTB and 2km kayak.

15th October, 2016

AV Shield Round 2, Newport

Ruby, 5:31.80, 1500, 4th F U16

8th October, 2016

AV Shield Round 1, Werribee

Matthew Goodger, 3:34.73, 800, 18th Men's Div 1

Karolina, 11:02.2, 3000, 1st FU16

Ruby, 11:39.80, 3000, 3rd FU16

Aaron, 21:02.27, 5000 - not shown in the results

4th October, 2016

Western Metropolitan Region Secondary Schools Track & Field Championships

Ruby, 2:43.16, 800, 2nd G15

Ruby's time was around the same as last year but the weather turned very nasty while her race was on and she was running against a very strong headwind (and it was cold and wet). 

Ruby, 5:33.85, 1500, 2nd G15

Ruby goes through to the State Champs. Congratulations!

17th September, 2016

XCR'16 Round 10, Cross country relay championships, the Tan

Men's Div 2 1st for the race and also for the season. Ash ran in Div 2 today and did 12:52 for the Tan.
Laura was part of the 7th placed Women's Div 2 team with a time of 15:18
Matthew Goodger came back to the Tan relays after missing them last year. Matt's form is improving as the season goes on.
Well done all.

11th September, 2016

Amy's Gran Fondo


Angelo Pagano, 3:57.24, 174th M50-54

Karl, 4:25:36, 167th M55-59

Michelle Currie, 5:13:55, 62nd W Recreational ride

Katie Anderson, 6:37:21, 293rd,  W Recreational ride

Ange bettered his time from 2013 by 5 minutes and this year it was 10k longer. Go Ange! Karl did almost the same speed as last time, only losing 10 minutes - not bad for a sickie. Mish and Katie did very well to finish and their times look worse than what they deserved - due to long queues at the toilets (you need to learn how to hold on!). Well done everyone. :-)

4th September, 2016

XCR'16 Round 9

Ruby, 25:21.0, 6k, 5th FU18

Aaron Heaney, 1:40:46.5, 21.1k, 318th MOpen

Laura Paterson, 1:34:06.5, 21.1k, 48th FOpen

28th August, 2016

Race 3 Victorian Duathlon Series

results below are in the form: name-time-place-run-T1-ride-T2-run


Angelo Pagano, 69:03, 4th M 50-54,  20:20-1:07-33:15-1:31-12:48 

Olivia, 91:56, 5th F15-19, 25:11-1:08-46:15-1:30-17:49.


Sandra Buth, 50:06, 15th Open Women,  12:59-1:44-27:03-1:15-7:03 - another huge improvement from the previous race. Great work!

DeCastella Run for Mental Health


Matthew Goodger, 60:26, 48th M 18-39

7th August, 2016

Race 2 Victorian Duathlon Series

results below are in the form: name-time-place-run-T1-ride-T2-run


Sandra Buth, 52:53, 23rd Open Women,  13:37-0:30-29:53-1:22-7:30 - a 3 minute improvement from Race 1. Well done!

6th August, 2016

XCR'16 Round 8, Ekiden Relays, Anglesea

7.9km Ash 30:22, part of the winning MDiv2 team  - very exciting race with the lead under threat a number of times. Western Aths closed in on us twice with superb runs by two of their athletes, however our guys did enough to hold them off

9.8km Laura Paterson 46:32, part of the 4th placed WDiv 2 team
5.2km Matthew Goodger 34:30, part of the 4th placed MDiv 6 team

4.6km Ruby 21:25, part of the 2nd placed WU18 team. Ruby must like this course - medalling two years in a row

17th July, 2016

XCR'16 Round 7, Albert Park Road Race

Asmelash, 33:36.40, 56th (out of 437) Open Men
Aaron Heaney, 42:42.5, 320th Open Men
Matt Goodger, 66:02.0, 434th
Laura, 42:01.3, 80th (out of 232) Open Women
Ruby, 12:00.90, 15th FU16
Well done!

Race 1 Victorian Duathlon Series

results below are in the form: name-time-place-run-T1-ride-T2-run


Sandra Buth, 56:19, 15th Open Women,  13:50-2:15.1-30:32-1:44-7:56

14th July, 2016

SSV State Cross Country Championships

Ruby 11:01, 3k 12th F15: a 14 second and 19 places improvement on last year
Robel 11:50, 3k 22nd F17-20: an improvement of 6 places compared to last year
Well done ladies!

9th July, 2016

XCR'16 Round 6, Road Relays - Sandown


Asmelash 20:27. Part of the Div 2 winning team and almost 80 seconds faster than last year.

Laura 25:01. Part of the 4th placed Women's Div 2 team.

Matt 37:07. Matt's team placed 7th in Div 7

Ruby 12:31. Part of the 5th placed FU18 team. Ruby took 38 seconds off her time from last year and was running in an older age group, she is only U16.
Fabulous work by all!

18th June, 2016

Victorian All Schools and Selection Trial for National Cross Country:
Karolina, 15:48.1 4k 14th FU16
Ruby, 16:17.9 4k 23rd FU16
Asmelash, 35:13.5 10k 65th MOpen
Yel, 42:56.9 10k 248th MOpen
Aaron , 44:16.7 10k 273rd, MOpen
Matt, 61:49.4 10k 394th, MOpen
Laura, 44:08.0 10k 68th FOpen
Nearly everyone moved up the field compared to previous races. Well done in VERY slippery conditions!

8th June, 2016

SSV Western Metro Region Cross Country finals
Charles, 11:00.24, 3k, 10th B11
Ruby, 11:21.63, 3k 2nd G15 - 2:30 faster and 2 places better than last year
Robel, 12:11.45, 3k, 3rd G17-20 - 52 seconds better than last year
Muse, 16:01.62, 5k 2nd B17-20 - 1:34 faster and 2 places better than last year

4th June, 2016

XCR'16 Round 4, Road Race - Lake Wendouree:

Ruby, 20:29.8, 17th U16 girls
Muse, 16:29.1, 16th U20 men - faster than Muse's PB for 5k on the track

Asmelash, 55:40.0, 65th (out of 360) Open Men
Laura, 66:41.6, 57th (out of 186) Open Women
Matt 1:55:03.6

22nd May, 2016

Geelong Cross Country Club

Genevieve’s Hair and Beauty 7 000 metre Handicap

Rob Solly, 30:32, 1st 7000m
Eighty-four runners faced the starter in the Genevieve’s Hair and Beauty 7 km handicap at Drysdale. Concern for the local ducks meant the revised course involved three laps of true cross country running over varying terrain, a backmarker’s delight. It was Rob Solly who surged to the lead and won by 20 metres from consistent placegetter, Luke Ryan, and backmarker, Ron Thomas.

21st May, 2016

XCR'16 Round 3, Cross Country - Cruden Farm


Muse 20:33.3, 17th MU20

Ruby 26:25.9, 18th FU16


Liv 33:40.4, 56th (out of 190) F Open

Laura 34:02.7, 61st (out of 190) F Open


Asmelash, 58:04.9, 70th (out of 349) M Open

Yel 72:41.2, 241st (out of 349) M Open*

Aaron 74:30.5, 261st (out of 349) M Open

* This was Yel's debut. Great work, Yel.

16th May, 2016

Triathlon Victoria Awards

Karolina, Female Junior Athlete of the Year

15th May, 2016

42nd Panaga Triathlon, Brunei

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run 


Gavin Hicks, 1:18:28, 1st M Open, 11:44-1:20-40:26-1:11-23:47

7th May, 2016

XCR'16 Round 2, Cross Country - Wandin Park


Asmelash 31:55.2, 82nd (out of 377!) M Open

Aaron Heaney 41:09.0, 284th M Open


Laura, 27:52.3, 64th (out of 201) F Open

Liv 28:35.1, 78th, F Open


Muse 14:43.6, 13th MU20


Ruby 14:53.8, 20th F U16

16th April, 2016

XCR'16 Round 1, Cross Country Relays - Jells Park


Asmelash 20:37. Part of 2nd placed, Men's Div 2 team and 2 minutes faster than last year

Muse 20:31. Also part of the 2nd placed, Men's Div 2 team.

Hayelom 21:08. Part of 1st placed Men's Div 4 team

Aaron Heaney, 25:53. Part of 3rd placed Men's Div 6 team.

Laura Paterson 25:03. Part of 4th placed Women's Div 2 team. Great effort for her very first cross country race!

10th April, 2015

Gatorade Triathlon Series R5, St Kilda

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Olympic Distance 1500-40-10:

Rob Solly, 2:21:09.9, 20th M40-44, 27:01.2-1:56.1-1:04:36.1-2:09.2-45:27.1

Specialized Fun Tri 300-13-3:

Sandra Buth, 1:11:35.1, 12th F50+ , 8:54.7-3:56.1-32:54.0-3:00-22:50.1

9th April, 2016

Bill Burke Classic

4km Cross Country Handicap

Muse, 2nd fastest, 3rd across the line, 13:12

Asmelash, 3rd fastest, 4th across the line, 13:53

Hayelom 6th fastest, 14:38

Ruby 13th fastest, 18:13

8th April, 2016

Athletics Victoria Awards 2016

Barb Augustin wins the Athletics Victoria Community Coach award for the work done in helping disadvantaged athletes compete in Track and Field by providing coaching and logistical support and by sourcing sponsors for medical and travel costs.

Athletics Essendon Presentation Night

Hayelom wins the Best Club Man for the MU18 team. Hayelom won this award for his efforts in many different events (including throws) during the Shield competition.

26th March, 2016

Warrnambool Sufferfest

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Olyfest 1500-40-10:

Rob Solly, 2:17:21, 9th M40-44, 22:35-1:00-1:08:03-0:51-44:50

13th March, 2016

Gatorade Triathlon Series R4, Portarlington

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Sprint 800-26-8:

Rob Solly, 1:35:36.3, 13th M40-44, 12:36.7-2:00-44:13.5-1:40-35:06.0

Specialized Fun Tri 300-10-3:

Sandra Buth, 1:03:50.3, 9th F50+ , 6:13.0-4:06.3-27:49.4-2:32.0-23:09.4

5th March, 2016

Victorian Open KnockOut Final

Asmelash, 2:05.94, 800, 5th MOpen

Asmelash, 4:24.3, 1500, 4th MOpen

A good end to a long season.

28th February, 2016

Sole Motive Active Tri, Race 4, Mordialloc

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Sprint Distance 750-20-5:

Olivia, 1:32:18, 9th F14-15, 18:00-2:01-42:40-1:36-28:00

Karolina, 1:09:56, 1st ITU Draft Legal (14-15)F, 13:02-1:12-33:42-0:56-21:04

27th-28th February, 2016 

Victorian Junior KnockOut Final


Muse, 2:01.18, 2nd MU20 PB!

Hayelom, 2:09.78, 4th MU20


Muse, 4:13.35, 2nd MU20

Hayelom, 4:31.62, 3rd MU20

26th February, 2016

Victorian Open Track & Field Championships

Asmelash, 4:14.39, 1500m,  34th PB

23rd February, 2016

Miler's Club


Hayelom, 2:09.10, 3rd Men's "I" race - within 0.1 seconds of his PB!

Asmelash, 2:03.0, 7th Men's "F" race - also very close to a PB!


Muse, 4:39.60, 13th Men's "C" race. 

Ruby, 5:48.0, 6th Men's "D" race.

It was the first time either of these had done a Mile, so PBs!

21st February, 2016

Gatorade Triathlon Series, Race 3, Elwood

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Specialized Fun Tri 250-10-3:

Olivia, 46:28.7, 16th F12-14, 5:13.7-2:56.1-21:47.8-1:27.0-15:03.9
Gatorade Triathlon Series 750-20-5
Angelo Pagano, 1:16:35.1, 17th M50-54, 18:50.8-3:05.6-32:12.6-1:16.3-21:09.6
Karl Augustin, 1:17:12.6, 11th M55-59, 15:29.6-3:39.0-34:55.7-1:41.3-21:26.9
Rob Solly, 1:20:52.4, 53rd M40-44, 13:23.1-3:12.8-31:40.1-1:33.1-31:03.2
Sandra Buth, 2:09:53.8, 8th F55-59, 20:47.6-5:40.6-56:38.6-3:15.5-43:31.3

20th February, 2016
Australian Junior Triathlon Series
Karolina result from the Champs and the previous races in the series moved her into 4th place overall 
Australian Youth Triathlon Championships, Devonport
results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run 
Karolina, 54:51, 4th Youth Women, 6:19-0:39-30:54-0:43-16:16

14th February, 2016

Sole Motive Active Tri, Race 4, Mordialloc

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Sprint Distance 750-20-5:
Karolina, 1:08:53, 1st Draft Legal (14-15) F, 11:07-0:54-35:39-0:57-20:14

Georgi, 1:16:08, 2nd Draft Legal (16-19) F, 11:36-0:56-39:35-0:59-23:01

Olivia, 1:35:03, 6th F14-15 , 15:26-1:39-46:15-1:41-29:59

Karolina and Georgi run with us. Well done!

12th to 14th February 2016, Victorian Junior Track & Field Championships


Karolina, 5:02.94, 9th FU16

Muse, 4:13.06, 7th MU20

Hayelom, 4:30.07, 14th FU16 PB!


Ruby, 11:25.47, 6th FU16 PB!


Robel, 21:18.78, 7th FU20 PB! 

6th February 2016, AV Shield final.

Asmelash, 2:02.22, 16th MOpen PB!

Muse, 2:07.03, 11th MU18*

Hayelom, 2:10.41, 14th MU18

Liv, 2:26.70, 13th WOpen

Robel, 2:55.15, 9th WU20 PB!


Muse, 9:42.31, 7th MU18

Ruby, 11:38.01, 9th FU16

Robel, 12:24.70, 7th WU20

4x400 relays

Muse, 53.21, Team placed 7th MU18 PB!

Robel, 1:18.91, Team placed 3rd WU20 PB!


Hayelom 7.74m 13th MU18

Team results:

Hayelom's and Muse's team, Essendon MU18, 1st.

Robel's team, Essendon FU20, 1st. 

Ruby's team, Essendon WU16, 1st.
*Muse channeled John Landy by checking on a fallen competitor and then going on to almost get a PB in the 800 (deduct the time spent on the ground and then checking on his rival and I reckon he'd have had one).

30th January, 2016

AV Shield Round 10


Robel, 2:56.69 3rd FU20 PB!

Muse, 2:03.74 6th MU18

Ruby, 2:40.40, 8th FU16 PB!

Hayelom, 2:10.97 9th MU18

Asmelash, 2:11.81 11th M Open Div 1


Muse, 9:35.0, 2nd MU18

Karolina, 11:07.3, 4th FU16 PB!

Ruby, 12:05.0, 6th FU16

Hayelom, 10:17.0 7th MU18


Robel, 21:21.6, 1st FU20! PB!

Asmelash, 17:07.8 11th M Open Div 1

Aaron, 21:01.30, 11th M40+


Hayelom, 7.74m 7th MU18

Muse, 6.32m 9th MU18

Asmelash, 5.15m 17th M Open Div 1

Great work all. It was obviously the girls' turn this week!

23rd January, 2016

What a wonderful 8 days:
* 20 events completed:
* 6 PBs (8 if you include events done for the first time) including:
- in the 400m: a drop of 1.3 seconds for Muse,
- in the 1500: a total drop of 8.06 seconds for Asmelash, 7.5 seconds for Muse, 1.4 seconds for Hayelom,
- in the 5000: a drop of 55.7 seconds for Asmelash, (Muse and Hayelom did their first ever 5000m so get PBs by default!)
- in the Jav: an improvement of 1.54m for Asmelash
* Robel placing 2nd in the WU20 in her first race back after injury
* Ruby placing top 10 in her first Country Champs
* 3 'almost' PBs

23rd January, 2016

Country Championships


Asmelash, 4:15.64, 6th M Open PB!

Muse, 4:11.20, 5th MU20

Hayelom, 5:39.14, 12th MU20

22nd January, 2016

Country Championships


Asmelash, 16:18.26, 5th M Open a HUGE 56 second PB and a 3k PB on the way through !
Muse, 16:43.83, 9th M U20
Hayelom, 18:01.56, 11th M U20
It was Muse's and Hayelom's first ever 5000m. 
Ruby, 12:03.61, 8th FU16

19th January, 2016

Miler's Club/Knockout Round 2


Matthew Goodger, 3:23.11, 10th Men's G race


Asmelash, 4:16.36, 1st Men's F race - huge 7 second PB!

Hayelom, 4:33.25, 14th Men's F race - PB!

Muse, 4:10.61, 3rd Men's E race - huge 8 second PB!

Those PBs that were so close on the weekend eventuated! Good signs for the Country Champs this weekend!

17th January, 2016

Sole Motive TriSeries Race 3


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Olivia Forsythe, 1:37:17, 5th F14-15, 17:27-1:29-46:17*-2:00*-29:54

16th January, 2016

Danger 1000

Julie King, 19:53, 3rd F60-64

AV Shield Round 9


Aaron Heaney, 5:26.87, 61st M40+

Asmelash, 4:23.94, 10th M Open - within 0.2 seconds of a PB!

Hayelom, 4:37.53, 7th MU18

Matthew Goodger, 6:57.20, 28th M Open

Muse, 4:18.72, 3rd MU18, missing his PB by only 0.6 seconds

Robel, 5:52.41, 2nd WU20


Asmelash, 59.03, 18th M Open

Hayelom, 59.46, 12th MU18

Matthew Goodger, 1:23.13, 22nd M Open

Muse, 54.80, 5th MU18 PB!


Asmelash, 19.27m, 11th M Open PB!

Hayelom, 29.51m, 4th MU18

Muse, 16.12m, 6th MU18

10th January, 2016

Gatorade Race 2, St Kilda

Specialized Fun Tri


results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Olivia, 36:17.7, 9th F12-14, 4:24.9-2:22.5-17:56.9-1:42.6-9:48.7

Gatorade Sprint Distance


Angelo Pagano, 1:23:50.7, 14th M50-54, 15:54.7-1:49.3-41:57.2-2:15.7-21:53.6

Karl Augustin, 1:23:43.2, 9th M55-59, 12:50.1-2:24.0-44:56.3-1:42.5-21:50.1

9th January, 2016

AV Shield Round 8


Matthew Goodger, 36.74, 10th MOpen


Asmelash, 2:06, 4th M Open PB!

Hayelom, 2:13.81, 5th MU18

Matthew Goodger, 3:24.04, 14th MOpen

Muse, 2:04.15, 2nd MU18


Hayelom, 10:06.53, 3rd MU18

Matthew Goodger, 16:45.51, 10th M Div1

Ruby, 12:08, 3rd FU16

8th January, 2016

GMHBA Lorne Mountain to Surf

Laura Paterson, 33:56, 8km, 6th Senior Female and a PB! Great work.

3rd January, 2016

Ripview Swim Classic

1.4km openwater swim

Rob Solly, 20:31, 29th M40-49

Julie King, 23:01, 6th F60-64