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Ange, Karl and Rob before Amy's Gran Fondo

Jorge at Peaks and Trails 2017. Finished top 10 M40+ 50k
Ruby won the F16 Western Metro Region Cross Country Championship
Charles in 3rd place at the Western Metro Region Cross Country Champs
Zali is on her way to the SSV State Cross Country Champs

Ruby on her way to first place in the Women's "E" race and a PB at Miler's Club.

2017 News

15th and 16th December, 2017

AV Shield Round 9, Geelong, Meadowglen, Lakeside

Matthew, 3:08.8, 7th M40+ with a 10 second improvement from last week
Lisa Gunn, 3:21.7, 6th FDiv 1 with a 4 second improvement from last week
Luke, 5:51.2, 5th MU14
Javiah, 5:57.65,  3rd FU14 with a 12 second PB!
Long Jump:
Javiah, 3.13m 2nd FU14

10th December, 2017

AV Shield Round 8, Newport

Javiah, 35.26, 4th FU14
Matthew Goodger, 3:19.4, 13th M 40+
Luke, 2:54.4, 11th MU14
Lisa Gunn, 3:25.6, 10th W Div 1
Javiah, 3:00.7, 7th FU14
Ruby, 11:50.23, 9th (mixed male and female)

(no round 7 - washed out)

10th December, 2017

CSA Group Moana Triathlon

South Australian Sprint Distance Championships


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 1:15:45, 10th M45-49, 16:39-1:08-52:42*-1:08*-21:54
Not bad for a man with broken ribs!

26th November, 2017

2XU Triathlon Series, Race 1, Elwood


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 1:35:24, 6th M45-49, 8:43-2:22-60:15-1:42-22:21

A bit of bad luck for Rob - puncture!

26th November, 2017

AV Shield Round 6, Aberfeldie


Javiah, 75.49, 2nd FU14
Matthew Goodger, 84.62, 9th M40+
Ruby, 5:33.6, 1st FU18 (not bad for a sick girl!)
Matthew Goodger, 6:50.4,15th M40+
Long jump:
Javiah, 3.49m, 4th FU14 PB!!

No results available for Round 5, due to the meet being cancelled part way.

28th October, 2017

AV Shield Round 4, Werribee

Ruby, 5:24.0, 1st FU18
Javiah, 6:09.4, 3rd FU14 (and a HUGE 17 second PB!)
Long Jump
Javiah, 3.4m 4th and a HUGE 33cm PB!

21st October, 2017

AV Shield Round 3, Meadowglen and Nunawading

Matthew Goodger, 18.01, 4th M40+
Matthew Goodger, 82.99, 3rd M40+
Javiah, 2:55.5, 1st FU14 PB! First time under 3 minutes and 14 seconds faster than last time.
Matthew Goodger, 7:00.4, 
3rd M40+

Ruby, 20:29.6, 1st FU18 PB! 1st 5k on the track. 3 seconds faster than Burnley.
Triple jump (yep, you read that right)
Javiah, 7.09m, 2nd FU14
Well done all!

Yarrawonga (Triathlon Victoria)

Age Group DRAFT LEGAL Event


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run-T3-swim-T4-ride-T5-run

Rob Solly, 1:10:29, 11th M45-49, 12:20-1:10-34:05-1:00-21:50

15th October, 2071

Medibank Melbourne Marathon

Lisa Christie Gunn, 42.2km,  3:42:35, 36th F40-44

Ian Newey, 42.2km, 3:56:30, 80th M55-59

Great results on debut for these two!

14th October, 2017

AV Shield Round 2, Werribee

Matthew Goodger, 17.51, 14th M40+
Matthew Goodger, 1:30.0, 13th M40+
Javiah, 6:26.6, 3rd F14
Ruby, 5:26.3, 2nd F18
Matthew Goodger, 7:14.0, 17th M40+
Long jump (yep, you read that right)
Javiah, 3.07m, 2nd F14

7th October, 2017

AV Shield Round 1

Yellow vs Red Zone, Doncaster

Javiah, 3:09.05, 6th F14
Lisa Christie Gunn, 3:18.54, 17th FOpen
Matthew Goodger, 3:19.12, 21st M40
Ruby, 12:06.02, 2nd F18
Lisa Christie Gunn, 13:41.6, 9th FOpen
Matthew Goodger, 16:42.54, 21st M40

Well done all, especially Javiah who did her very first race, and I think it was a PB! Matthew Goodger also had a very strong start to the season. 

30th September, 2017

Coburg Cycling Club Criteriums Race #2

Ange, 2nd D grade (45 minutes plus 3 laps)

21st September, 2017

Western Metro Secondary Schools Track and Field Championships

Zali, 100m, 14.08, 5th F14

Zali, 800m, 2:40.92, 3rd F14 PB!

Zali, 1500m, 5:51.80, 4th F14 PB!

Ruby, 1500m, 5:28.3, 3rd F16

17th September, 2017

Amy's Gran Fondo


Rob Solly,  3:57:37.4160th M45-49

Angelo Pagano, 3:54:21, 164th M50-54

Karl Augustin, 4:11:06, 137th M55-59

16th September, 2017

XCR'17 Round 10 Princes Park relays

Men's Div 7:

Team placed 11th
Matthew Goodger, 3200m, 17:08

Women's Div 5:

Winning team:

Laura, 3200m, 12:23

5th placed team:

Lisa Gunn, 3200m, 14:11
Women's U18:
Team unplaced - not a full team
Ruby, 3200m, 12:42

10th September, 2017

XCR' 17 Round 9, Burnley

Ruby, 6000m, 20:32.15, 8th FU18

Laura Paterson, 21.1km, 93:02.65, 36th F Open

Lisa Gunn, 21.1km, 102:46.76, 11th F40-44

9th September, 2017

SurfCoast Century

Jorge Soto, 50km, 5:25:58, 9th M40-49


3rd September, 2017

Victorian Duathlon Championship (Victorian Duathlon Series, R2)


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, run-T1-ride-T2-run

Ange, 69:37, 6th M50-54, 20:38-1:13-33:55-0:52-12:56

27th August, 2017

Decastella Run 2 Mend Minds

Matt Goodger, 59:36, 10k, 23rd Master Male (40-49) - a minute quicker than last year!

Sandra Buth, 1:29:11, 10k, 24th Veteran Female (50-59)

19th August, 2017

Brimbank Parkrun Launch

Ruby, 5k, 23:12, 2nd F15-17 (unofficial) - well done Ruby

Karl, 5k, 24:05, 1st VM55-59 (unofficial) - not bad for someone who was just going to jog it!

Jorge is the race director for Brimbank Parkrun. Great job, Jorge!

13th August, 2017

Victorian Duathlon Series, R1


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, run-T1-ride-T2-run

Ange, 69:08, 6th M50-54, 20:33-0:51-33:35-0:42-13:27

Karl, 73:08, 4th M55-59, 20:21-1:04-37:39-1:08-12:56

12th August, 2017

XCR'17 Round 8, Anglesea Ekiden Relays

Women's Div 2:
Team placed 2nd
Laura, 6000m, 27:00 (3rd leg). A promotion from Laura, up from Div 5, and she had the 4th fastest 6k (out of 10)
Women's Div 5:
Team placed 2nd
Ruby, 5200m, 23:59 (3rd, anchor leg). Ruby is an U18 runner, competing in a senior team and had the fastest 5.2km in the Division. Way to go Ruby!

Happy Runner 10 km handicap, 

Torquay's Fisherman's Beach

The tide was well out providing a firm sand surface for the mid-race 5 km beach section, resulting in ideal racing conditions.

Rob Solly, started off a handicap of 37:30, came home in 63rd position in a time of 1:24:41 (=net of 47:11)

6th August, 2017

Palace of the Orient 8 km handicap,

The threatening rain arrived as the 89 starters off along the Anglesea foreshore and up into the foothills. As well as the hills, there were numerous puddles and one extremely slippery section which made for a true cross country test.

Rob Solly, started off a handicap of 28:55, came home in 73rd position in a time of 1:06:46 (=net of 37:51)

5th August, 2017

Peaks and Trails, Dunkeld

Jorge Soto, 50k, 6:43;53, 9th M40+

30th July, 2017

"Age Graded" 10000m sealed series race

Rob Solly, 10000m, 43:23, 68.03% of world record pace for his age

29th July, 2017

XCR'17 Round 7, Lake Wendouree

Ruby, 6000m, 24:48.413, 11th FU18

Laura Paterson, 15000m, 65:09.82, 52nd F Open

Lisa Gunn, 15000m, 72:10.000, 11th F40-44

Matt Goodger, 15000m, 93:36.993, 337th M Open

23rd July, 2017

Sri Chinmoy Princes Park Winter Running Festival

Ian Newey, 21.1km, 1:49:50, 8th M5059

22nd July, 2017

You Yangs Hardcore Running Festival

Jorge Soto, 42.2km, 4:16:44, 6th M40-44

20th July, 2017

SSV State Cross Country Championships

Charles, 3000m, 9:27, 45th M12-13(Primary)

Zali, 3000m, 9:55, 14th F14

Ruby, 3000m, 9:46, 11th F16

16th July, 2017

XCR'17 Round 6, Albert Park Road Race

Ruby, 3000m, 11:32.517, 11th FU18

Laura Paterson, 10000m, 41:40.357, 67th Open Women

Lisa Gunn, 10000m, 45:48.75, 129th Open Women

Matthew Goodger, 10000m, 57:23.313, 465th Open Men

8th July, 2017

XCR'17 Round 5, Sandown Road Relays

Matthew Goodger, 6000m 36:08, part of the 10th placed M Div 7 team and was a minute faster than last year. Excellent work Matt!
Ruby, 3000m, 12:25, part of the 8th placed FU18 team and took 6 seconds off her time from last year. Well done, Ruby.
Laura, 6000m, 25:52, part of the WINNING Women's Div 5 team. Yay!
Lisa, 6000m, 27:59, part of the second placed Women's Div 5 team

24th June, 2017

Surfcoast Trail Marathon

Jorge Soto, 43km trail run over sand and rocks, 4:21:21, 26th M36-55

22nd June, 2017

Western Metro Region Cross Country, Brimbank Park

Ruby, 3000m, 10:25.0, 1st F16

Zali, 3000m, 11:02.8, 8th F14

Charles, 3000m, 9:54.2, 3rd M12-13 (Primary School)

Javiah, 3000, 13:45.2, 55th F11

All except Javiah qualified for State Championships

17th June, 2017

Victorian All Schools Cross Country Championship, Bundoora

Ruby, 4000m, 16:12.287, 20th FU17

4th June, 2017

Trails Plus Trail Series, Race 2, Macedon

Jorge Soto, 30km, 3:13:32, 17th overall, unofficially 5th M40-44

27th May, 2017

XCR'17 Round 3, Cruden Farm

Ruby, 6000m, 25:36.883, 12th FU18

Laura Paterson, 8000m, 34:57.087, 75th Open Women

Matthew Goodger, 16000, 1:48:03.307, 355th Open Men

21st May, 2017

Great Ocean Road Running Festival

Sandra Buth, 14k, 2:01:27, 14th F55-59

13th May, 2017

XCR'17 Round 2, Wandin Park

Ruby, 3000m, 14:16.000, 20th FU18

Laura Paterson, 6000m, 27:24.43

22nd April, 2017

XCR'17 Rd1, Jell's Park Relays

Ruby was part of the 5th placed WU18 team. She ran 12:18 for her 3km leg.

Laura was part of the 2nd placed WDiv 5 team. She ran 26:05 for her 6k leg.

Matthew Goodger was part of the 17th placed Men's Div 7 team. He ran 42:15 for 6k.

9th April, 2017

Half Distance Asia Pacific Championship (Challenge Melbourne)


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 5:12:14.5, 37th M45-49, 36:23.5-4:28.7-2:40:45.3-3:21.3-1:47:42.5

8th April, 2017

Canberra Half Marathon

Laura Paterson, 1:37:21, 17th F30-39

26th March, 2017

Gatorade Triathlon Series, Race 5, St Kilda


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 2:18:20.9, 14th M45-49, 25:41.4-2:15.9-61:24.0-2:08.1-46:51.2

16th March, 2017

Miler's Club Race 5, Lakeside Stadium

Matthew Goodger, 800m, 3:24.75, 7th Men's L race

Ruby, 5:08.07, 1500m, 6th Women's D race and another PB! 

Here's a link to Ruby's race: 


12th March, 2017

Gatorade Triathlon Series, Race 4, Portarlington


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 1:38:50.5, 9th M45-49, 14:17.3-1:40:1-46:48.1-1:41.5-34:23.3

Olivia, 2:22:15.8, 10th F14-15 (non draft-legal), 20:54.3-?-1:06:17.5-2:33.6-52:30.3 


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Sandra Buth, 1:38:50.5, 9th F50+, 8:59.6-3:51.7-28:18.5-1:54.5-25:02.7 

4th March, 2017

Victorian Championships Weekend 2

Lakeside Stadium

Ruby, 11:14.

26 February, 2017

Wangaratta 10k Fun Run

Laura Paterson, 43:35, 10k, 3rd F30-39

24-26 February, 2017

Victorian Championships Weekend 1

Lakeside Stadium

Ruby, 5:10.10, 1500m, 12th WU17 PB!

16th February, 2017

Victorian Miler's Club, Melbourne University
Ruby, 5:36.4, mile, 4th Women's D race - with a 12 second PB!

and here's a link to her race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCkO_CQfR6M&index=14&list=PLyfuIigS7eVoQ5luWhSweZ8pWP8H7rAO-  

12th February, 2017

AV Shield Final

Ruby, 5:20.0, 1500m 16th FU16

Victorian Sprint Triathlon Champsionship


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run 

Karolina, 1:06:07, 1st Draft Legal Youth Age 14 to 16, 7:38-1:08-35:26-0:55-20:57

5th February, 2017

Gatorade Triathlon Series, Race 3, Elwood


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 1:10:26.5, 7th M45-49, 12:34.3-2:33.4-32:17.5-1:26.1-21:34.9

Sandra Buth, 2:14:26.9, 10th Athena, 20:59.0-4:57.2-57:51.6-2:39.9-47:59.0

1st February, 2017

Sunset Series, Race 2 Melbourne Zoo

Emma Boyle, 34:25.1, 4km, 189th F30-39

21st January, 2017

AV Shield Round 12

Matthew Goodger, 82.01, 400m 14th M Div 1
Ruby, 5:11.8, 1500m, 4th FU16

19th January, 2017

Victorian Miler's Club Meet 3

Ruby, 5:11.4, 1500m, 1st F "E" race PB!

Matthew Goodger, 6:44.80, 1500m, 14th M "I" race

15th January, 2017

ActiveTri Race 3


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run-T3-swim-T4-ride-T5-run

Karolina, 1:11:09, 1st ITU F14-16, 4:13-1:01-16:52-1:09-10:16-2:06-4:33-1:10-18:05-1:10-10:34

Olivia, 1:29:30, 2nd F14-15 (non draft-legal), 5:45-1:42-21:32-1:59-12:42-2:32-6:13-1:39-21:40-1:48-11:58

14th January, 2017

AV Shield Round 11

Zali, 2:47.52, 800m, "4th" WU14 - she ran by invitation, so didn't receive a placing, but this is where her time would have put her.

Matthew Goodger, 3:21.51, 800m, 14th M Div 1
Ruby, 11:35.6, 3000m, 4th WU16
Matthew Goodger, 16:43.34, 3000m, 19th M Div 1

8th January, 2017

Gatorade Triathlon Series, Race 2, St Kilda


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Olivia, 1:53:44.8, 9th F15-19, 13:50.5-3:30.3-1:03:40.2-2:30.8-29:52.9

Rob Solly, 1:23:17.7, 10th M 45-49, 11:48.5-2:09.8-44:55.5-1:37.6-22:46.1

7th January, 2017

AV Shield Round 10, Aberfeldie

Matthew Goodger, 7:57.30, 1500m, 19th M Open Div 1

Matthew Goodger, 1:23.14, 400m, 16th M Open Div 1

6th January, 2017

GMHBA Mountain to Surf

Laura Paterson, 33:47.9, 8km, 4th Senior Female