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Matthew Goodger ready to go at the Albert Park 10k

2018 News

Saturday 17th November, 2018

AV Shield Round 6, Meadowglen

David, 3000m 11:36.8, 5th M16

Luke, 3000m, 11:54.1, 7th M16

Ruby, 3000m 11:56.2, 2nd F18

David, 800, 2:36.2, 7th M16

Luke, 800, 2:53.3, 9th M16

Saturday 10th November, 2018

AV Shield Round 5, Newport

Ruby, 1500m, 5:20.9, 1st F18

Lisa Gunn, 1500m, 6:28.7, 5th F Open

Ruby, 200m, 31.19 (part of 4x200)

Thursday 8th November, 2018

Milers' Club Round 1, Lakeside

Ruby, 3000m, 11:39.10 8th Women D grade

Friday 2nd November, 2018

All Schools Track and Field Championships

Ruby, 1500m, 5:17.93 5th FU18

Saturday 27th October, 2018

AV Shield Round 4, Doncaster

Luke, 3000m, 11:59.9, 5th M16

Lisa Gunn, 5000m, 23:47.7, 4th FOpen

Ruby, 800m 2:31.37, unofficial - no official result shown

Luke, 800m 2:51,9, 10th M16

Lisa Gunn, 800m, 3:19.4, 6th FOpen

David, 800m 2:28.5, 8th M16

Ruby, 400m 69.46 (part of 4x400 relay)

Monday 22nd October, 2018

SSV State Track and Field Championships

Zali, 800, 2:43.04, 5th F15 

Saturday 20th October, 2018

AV Shield Round 3, Newport

Ruby, 1500m, 5:42, 2nd FU18 - unofficial (official results are wrong)

Luke, 1500m, 5:50.3, 10th MU16 (Yellow Zone)

Lisa Gunn, 1500m, 6:35.4,8th FOpen (4th F40-44) (Yellow Zone)

Matthew Goodger, 1500m, 7:08.8, 7th M40+ (Yellow Zone) 

Saturday 13th October, 2018
AV Shield Round 2, Doncaster

Ruby, 3000m, 12:16.8, 3rd FU18 (Yellow Zone)

Luke, 3000m, 12:44.9, 4th MU16 (Yellow Zone)

Lisa Gunn, 5000m, 24:08.1, 2nd FOpen (1st F40-44) (Yellow Zone)

Lisa Gunn, 800m, 3:14.2, 10th FOpen (1st F40-44) (Yellow Zone)

Matthew Goodger, 1500m, 7:58.67, 1st M40+ (Yellow Zone) (we think this time is wrong)

Saturday 6th October, 2018

AV Shield Round 1, Aberfeldie

Ruby, 1500m, 5:22.5, 2nd FU18 (Yellow Zone)

Lisa, 1500m, 6:35.50, 1st F40-44 (Yellow Zone)

Lisa, 400m, 1:32.21, 1st F40-44 (Yellow Zone)

Saturday 29th September, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Matthew Goodger, 27:32, 5k, 8th VM40-44

Lisa Gunn, 25:51, 5k, 3rd VW40-44

Thursday 20th September, 2018

SSV Western Metro Secondary Track and Field Championships

Ruby, 3000m, 13:36.3, 9th Girls Open

Zali, 800m, 2:33.71, 1st Girls 15yo

Ruby, 1500, 523:47, 3rd Girls 17yo

Zali, part of 3rd placed Girls 16yo 4x100 relay

Saturday 15th September, 2018

XCR'18 Round 10, Tan Relays

Ruby Ali, 16:02, part of second placed F Division 2 team (Ruby is only 16!)

Laura Paterson, 15:42, part of 4th placed F Division 5 team

Lisa Gunn, 18:29, part of 7th placed F Division 5 team

Matthew Goodger, 21:54, part of an incomplete M Div 7 team

Saturday 8th September, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Matthew Goodger, 29:13, 5k, 18th VM40-44

Sunday 2nd September, 2018

XCR'18 Round 9, Burnley Half Marathon

Karl Augustin, 93:53, 2nd M 60+

Laura Paterson, 94:01, 4th F40-44

Profeet Podiatry 5k Handicap, Fyansford

Rob Solly, 5k, 21:43, 58th (Handicap)

Saturday 1st September, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Lisa Gunn, 26:16, 5k, 3rd VW40-44

Saturday 18th August, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

(XCR'18 R7 cancelled)

Karl 5k, 20:59, 2nd VM60-64
Ruby 5k, 21:32, 1st JW 15-17
Lisa 5k, 24:16, 1st VW40-44
Matt 5k, 27:41, 15th VM 40-44

Sunday 12th August, 2018

Pakington Bakery/Pt. Lonsdale Physio 8k Handicap, Fyansford

Rob Solly, 8k, 34:00, 3rd (Handicap)

Saturday 11th August, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Lisa Gunn, 23:56, 5k, 1st VW40-44 and 2nd female overall

Sunday 5th August, 2018

The Happy Runner 10,000m Handicap, Torquay

Rob Solly, 10k, 46:49. 44th (Handicap)

Saturday 4th August, 2018

XCR'18 Round 7, Lake Wendouree Road Race

Ruby, 6k, 25:15, 10th FU18

Karl Augustin, 15k, 68:22, 8th M60+

Lisa Gunn, 15k, 77:39, 17th F40-44

Laura Paterson, 15k, 66:59, 11th F40-44

Sunday 29th July, 2018
Australian Outback Marathon
Rob Irwin, 4:09:41.5, 13th Masters Male (out of 98)
Carol & Terry Crawford Funerals 8,000m Handicap, Waurn Ponds
Rob Solly, 8k, 34:41 40th (Handicap)

Saturday 28th July, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Lisa Gunn, 24:54, 5k, 1st VW40-44


Sunday 22nd July, 2018

XCR'18 Round 6, Albert Park Road Race

Ruby, 3k, 11:37.82, 17th FU18

Matthew Goodger, 10k, 58:04, 66th M40-44

Karl Augustin, 10k, 42:14.653, 3rd M60+

Lisa Gunn, 10k, 48:47.593, 23rd F40-44

Laura Paterson, 10k, 43:49,807, 16th F40-44

Profeet Podiatry Sealed Series 10000m Age Graded

Rob Solly, 10k, 44:22, 58th age-graded (67.56%)

Thursday 19th July, 2018

SSV State Cross Country Championships, Bundoora

Zali, 3k, 12:19, 13th F15

Ruby, 3k 11:56, 17th F17-20

Sunday 15th July, 2018

Windows by Geoff Case 10,000m Handicap, You Yangs

Rob Solly, 10k, 50:44, 32nd (Handicap)

Saturday 14th July, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Matthew Goodger, 27:40, 5k, 11th VM40-44

Saturday 7th July, 2018

XCR'18 Round 5 Sandown Road Relays

Ruby, 3100m, 12:31, part of 4th placed FU18 team

Javiah, 3100m, 13:54, part of 8th placed FU14 team*

Matthew Goodger, 3100m, 17:15, part of M Div 7 team that DNF due to not enough people in the team

Karl Augustin, 3100m, 12:56, part of 6th placed M Div 6

* this teams included kids much younger than 14

Saturday 23rd June, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Ruby, 21:48, 5k, 1st JW15-17 and 1st female overall!

Lisa Gunn, 26:44, 5k, 1st VW40-44

Matthew Goodger, 27:52, 5k, 14th VM40-44

Thursday 21st June, 2018

SSV Western Region Cross Country, Brimbank Park

Javiah, 3k, 13:11 (but I had her at 12:16), 63rd F12-13

Zali, 3k, 11:34 (but I had her at 11:22), 5th F15

Ruby, 3k, 11:04 (but I had her at 10:49), 5th F17-20

Zali and Ruby both qualified for the SSV State Championships. Congratulations!

Saturday 16th June, 2018

XCR'18 Round 4 Bundoora

Laura Paterson, 10k, 44:27, 13th F40-44

Karl Augustin, 10k, 45:56, 9th M60+

Matthew Goodger, 10k, 65:09, 50th M40+

Sunday 10th June, 2018

Cafe Zoo 7,000m Handicap, Drysdale

Rob Solly, 7k, 30:51, 6th (Handicap)

Saturday 9th June, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Matthew Goodger, 28:47, 5k, 16th VM40-44

Saturday 2nd June, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Ruby, 21:33, 5k, 1st JW15-17, 3rd female overall

Sunday 3rd June, 2019

Mediate First 5,000m, Waurn Ponds

Rob Solly, 5k, 20:32 15th Veteran Male

Saturday 26th May, 2018

XCR'18 Round 3 Cruden Farm

Javiah, 4000m, 21:41, 25th FU14 - in her first ever 4k race (and she's only 11)
Ruby, 6000m, 29:48, 24th FU18
Laura, 12000m, 55:53, 10th F40-44
Karl Augustin, 12000m, 60:13, 15th M60+

Sunday 20th May, 2018

Great Ocean Road Running Festival

Sandra Buth, 14k, 2:05:10, 25th F55-59

Pro Feet Podiatry Teams Race 
Rob Solly, 4k 16:29, part of the 8th placed team  

Sunday 13th May, 2018
Palace Of The Orient 9,000m Handicap
Rob Solly, 9k, 39:41, 70th (Handicap)

Saturday 12th May, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Lisa Gunn, 26:54, 5k, 3rd VW40-44

Saturday 5th May, 2018

XCR'18 Round 2 St Anne's

Ruby, 3000m, 12:51.497, 20th FU18

Javiah, 3000m, 14:51,75, 30th FU16

Karl Augustin, 8000m,40:52.163, 16th M60-99

Matthew Goodger, 8000m, 54:19.10, 40th M40-44

Laura Paterson, 8000m, 36:06.16, 11th F40-44

Lisa Gunn, 8000m, 43:46.28, 20th F40-44

Sunday 29th April, 2018
The Portarlington Bakehouse 8,000m Handicap, Portarlington
Rob Solly, 8k, 36:08, 95th (Handicap)

Sunday, 22nd April, 2018

Challenge Melbourne, St Kilda

1900-90-21.1 run

results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 4:58:53.7, 28th M45-49, 33:19.6-1:55.2-2:24:54.4-2:37.3-1:56:07.0

Saturday 21st April, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Lisa Gunn, 26:27, 5k, 2nd VW40-44

Sunday 15th April, 2008
Steigen 5,000m
Rob Solly, 5k, 21:32, 26th Overall, 9th Veteran Male

Saturday, 21st April, 2018

XCR'18 Round 1, Jells Park

Cross Country relays

Karl Augustin, 30:28, 6k, part of 11th placed M Div 7 team

Laura Paterson, 25:38, 6k, part of 2nd placed F Div 4 team 

Matthew Goodger, 6k, 36:10, team DNF as they were a member short

Ruby, 12:33, 3k, part of 10th placed FU18 team

Javiah, 14:11, 3k, part of 9th placed FU16 team - pretty good since they were all much younger than that!

Sunday, 15th April, 2018

Geelong Cross Country Club, R2

Rob Solly, 21:32, 5000m, 26th Overall, 10th M Veteran

Sunday, 8th April, 2018

2XU Triathlon Series, Race 6, St Kilda

1500-40-10 run

results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 2:18:41, 19th M45-49, 25:05-2:46-1:00:26-2:10-48:14

Saturday 31st March, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Lisa Gunn, 27:20, 5k, 1st VW40-44

Saturday 24th March, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Lisa Gunn, 29:49, 5k, 6th VW40-44

Saturday 10th March, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Lisa Gunn, 26:24, 5k, 4th VW40-44

Saturday 3rd March, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Lisa Gunn, 26:36, 5k, 1st VW40-44

Thursday, 8th March, 2018

Miler's Club Race 5, Lakeside


Javiah, 2:53.06, 7th Women's F Race - PB!


Ruby, 5:03.19, 10th Women's D Race. Huge PB!

Sunday, 25th February, 2018

Victorian Junior Track & Field Championships

Ruby 11:29.75 11th FU18
Javiah, 33.66 12th FU14
Barwon Heads Kondak triathlon

400-14-4.4 run

results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 52:23.1, 8th M40-49, 5:57-1:10-23:57-1:13-20:04

Saturday, 24th February, 2018

Victorian Junior Track & Field Championships

Javiah, 2:53.00, 10th FU14 PB!
Ruby, 2:34.02, 12th FU18 PB!

Friday, 23rd February, 2018

Victorian Junior Track & Field Championships


Ruby, 5:16.71, 9th FU18

Saturday 17th February, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Lisa Gunn, 27:03, 5k, 7th VW40-44

Saturday, 10th February, 2018

AV Shield Final, Lakeside


Luke, 12:48.4, 20th MU14

Ruby, 11:22.9, 3000m, 8th FU18


Javiah, 3:00.2, 18th FU14

Lisa Gunn, 3:21.4, 22nd FOpen Div 1

Ruby, 2:34.2, 22nd FU18 PB!


Javiah, 31.96, 22nd FU14 PB!

Lisa Gunn, 41.53, 27th FOpen Div 1

Tuesday, 6th February, 2018

Miler's Club Race 4, Melbourne University


Matthew Goodger, 3:20.7, 12th Male"N" race

Javiah, 2:58.1, 8th Female "K" race


Ruby, 5:31.1, 4th Female "D" race - a huge 5 second PB! 

Sunday, 4th February, 2018

2XU Triathlon Race 4, Elwood (Qualifying race for Age Group World Championships)


results below are in the form: name, total time, place, swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Rob Solly, 1:10:17, 17th M45-49, 13:35-1:54-31:43-1:29-21:30

Saturday 3rd February, 2018

Maribyrnong Parkrun

Lisa Gunn, 25:01, 5k, 1st VW40-44

Saturday, 20th January, 2018

AV Shield Round 12, Aberfeldie 
Lisa Gunn, 41.36, 4th F Div1 PB!
Javiah, 33.49, 2nd FU14 PB!
Lisa Gunn, 3:17.2, 7th F Div1 PB!
Javiah, 2:53.3, 2nd FU14 PB!
Lisa Gunn, 14:22.3, 13th FDiv1
Ruby, 11:28.4, 3rd FU18

Thursday, 18th January, 2018

Miler's Club Race 3:
Javiah, 2:54.42, 6th, Female "J" race PB!
Ruby, 5:10.66, 6th, Female "D" race

HOT performances to go with the HOT weather!

Friday, 12th and Saturday, 13th January, 2018

AV Shield Round 11, Geelong, Lakeside and Nunawading
Matthew Goodger, 1:26.61, 7th M40+
Ruby, 2:37.3, 1st FU18 PB!
Jayviah, 2:57.3, 4th FU14
Lisa Gunn, 6:34.99, 3rd F Open
Matthew Goodger, 27:40.3, 4th M40+ and 3 minutes faster than last time!

Well done all!

Sunday, 7th January, 2018

AV Shield Round 10, Lakeside

Luke, 12:26.4, 4th MU14 with a PB!
Ruby, 11:32.9, 1st FU18