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2022 News

Saturday 5th March 2022

AVSL Playoffs

Luke, 3000m, 9:59.80, 7th M18 (all Victoria), PB!

Brian, 3000m, 12:17.6, 4th M55 (all Victoria)

Luke, 800m, 2:20.9, 17th M18 (all Victoria)

Brian, 800m, 3:00.20, 9th M55 (all Victoria)

Friday 25th February 2022

Victorian Track and Field Championships, Lakeside

Luke, 800m, 2:14.73, 20th M20

Thursday 24th February 2022

Association Catholic Colleges Championships, Lakeside

Nick, 800m, 2:30.26, 6th U16, Div 2, PB!

Luke, 800m, 2:09.21, 1st U19, Div 2, PB!

Nick, 1500m 5:20.12, 7th U16, Div 2

Luke, 1500m, 4:37.81, 3rd U19, Div 2

Saturday 12th February 2022

AVSL Round 10, Lakeside

Luke, 1500m, 4:34.60 11th M18 (All metro zones)

Brian, 1500m,  5:42.4, 5th M55 (All metro zones)

Saturday 5th February 2022

AVSL Round 9, Aberfeldie

Luke, 1500m, 4:42.1, 7th M18 (Zone A)

Brian Mathews, 1500m, 5:33.12, 4th M55 (Zone A)

Luke, 400m, 62.50, 17th M18 (Zone A)

Brian, 400m, 73.51, 4th M55 (Zone A)

Sunday, 16th January 2022

2XU R3, St. Kilda


(results are in the order; name, place, total time, swim-T1-ride-T2-run)

Rob Solly, 8th M50-54, 1:22:51, 13:40-1:31-42:23-1:48-23:27.

Saturday 15th January 2022

AVSL Round 7, Lakeside

Luke, 3000m, 10:20.4, 6th M18 (Zone A)

Brian Mathews, 3000m, 12:19.2, 3rd M55 (Zone A)