Enjoy. Perform. Succeed.

Barb Augustin

Receiving the 2016 Athletics Victoria Community Coaching Award from the CEO, Glenn Turnor.

About Us.

Hi, it's your coach, Barb Augustin, here.

I am a TRIATHLON AUSTRALIA Accredited Performance Coach and also hold qualifications in each of the three disciplines that make up Triathlon:

  •    Bronze Licence Swim Coach (with Openwater certification)
  •     Level 1 Road and Track Cycling Coach
  •     IAAF Level 3 Middle and Distance Running Coach

I have also had the privilege to be mentored by the following Olympians/Olympic Coaches/Coaches of International level athletes:

  • Tony Benson (Triathlon and Running), 
  • Ben Hiddlestone (Swimming), 
  • Georgine Luscombe (Swimming), 
  • John Beasley (Cycling),
  • Graham Seers (Cycling).

You too can benefit from the knowledge passed on by these world class coaches.

Athletes Coached include:

  • Triathletes, swimmers, runners and cyclists.
  • Juniors and Seniors.
  • Male and Female.

What are we about?

  • Enjoy
  • Perform
  • Succeed


  • Are you lining up for your first race?
  • Are you interested in keeping fit, having fun and training with a happy group of people at the same time?
  • Want to lose weight?

If this is you, you will be pleased to know that your squad mates include age groupers just starting out in triathlon, lining up for their first Pier 2 Pub, doing their first fun run or their first Degani ride.


  • Daniel lost 18kg, got fit and turned from a ‘running hater’ into a marathon runner.


  • Are you looking to do something special (eg Rottnest Island swim, qualify for the UWCT World Championships, go sub 3 hours for the marathon, do your first Ironman)?
  • Are you coming back from injury?
  • Are you looking to improve your times?

If this is you, you will be pleased to know you will be training with Age Group World Championship contenders, Ironman and Half-Ironman athletes, seasoned competitors and adult athletes hoping to rehabilitate from injury or take on new challenges in their triathlon careers.


  • Trevor took 15% off his 500m swim time in 12 months and 25% in 3 years.
  • Kath was referred to us by a physio. After 12 months of training and some serious rehab, she went on to do an Olympic distance triathlon. In her words: "I got 2:55 which was better than I expected. I was expecting about 3 hours but anything under would be a bonus! I somehow managed to run my fastest 10km in about 2 years."


  • Are you an elite athlete?
  • Are you an age grouper going to the world championships?
  • Are you a junior wanting to become an elite athlete?

If so, you’re in the right place. My qualifications and connections give you the confidence you can join the list of athletes who have achieved outstanding things:

  • International (11) representatives. Of these, three finished top 10.
  • Australian Championship representatives – 7 top 10 finishers, including 2 winners.
  • State Championship representatives – 9 top 10 finishers, including 2 winners.
  • Series winners (3).

EPS-Triathlon is proud to be part of the Benson's-EPS group.