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Steven provided one of the testimonials to the right.

Athlete Testimonials

“I think EPS is a great organisation. You get a lot of attention from Barb as the group is small. I think the training programs work really well. The supported rides on Sundays is a great idea. I like the fact that friends are also welcome on the training rides.”

“I never fully realised the benefits of training in a group and many people when they start out don't fully appreciate this. In addition, having someone write a specific program for you rather than just trying to play it by ear.”

“Good coach - Good venue - Good workout - Love the monthly time trials to monitor your progress / improvements”

“I think the squad has a great value program with the individualisation of the program a true selling point.”

“Barb seems to have perfected the art of tailoring her program to get the best out of the individual which is why she's now got a very loyal following of triathletes and runners. The range of people she coaches is particularly impressive and speaks volumes for her people skills, program and dedication. Elite or high ranking age-groupers, right through to the beginner can have the confidence that they'll be challenged and supported in the right measures to reach their goals. It's a good coach who can get the balance right between pushing to get the best out of their athletes and being supportive enough to get them back into shape after a form slump. Personally, I can credit her with helping me shed 18kgs, get fit and turn from a 'running hater' into marathon runner (albeit once) last year. I'm also impressed by the amount of time and dedication Barb puts into training her athletes and helping them see it through. I can't help but give a cheeky smile as I run up the sand after the swim leg of a triathlon when I hear her yelling out "C'mooooon Daniel" from the sidelines (fortunately she keeps the "pull your bum in and straighten your back" comments for the training track when few are around). Thanks for your hard work, dedication and support Barb.”