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You, too, can achieve your goals like these people.

Coaching philosophy

With all the athletes I coach, my focus is always on technique and gaining improvement from swimming, cycling or running efficiently, as well as spreading the athlete's training time across the three disciplines in the most effective manner.  

My mission as a coach is to help anyone who comes to me achieve their goal – whether that goal is to compete in their first race, to achieve a PB or to win. I find it enormously rewarding to share this journey with our athletes.

Being qualified in all three disciplines, as well as in Triathlon, gives me the ability to improve your technique in all areas and prevent problems in one discipline flowing into the others. For example, there could be a number of reasons for a swimmer to ‘snake’ down the pool, but taken together with her running style it became obvious the problem was with her pelvic control. This may not have been diagnosed as quickly by a swim coach. 

Providing a triathlon program, enables the sessions to be balanced with each other, as opposed to getting a swim program from a swim coach, a bike program from a bike coach and a run program from a run coach. The dangers with the latter approach include: training too hard, insufficient recovery and inefficient use of time. In contrast, a triathlon program balances hard with easy, one discipline with another, focuses on those things that are triathlon-specific and takes into account the cross-training benefits.

If you are not a triathlete, no problem - I am a qualified swimming, cycling and running coach. You will receive professional coaching in your sport.