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Steven wearing our cap at Ironman Melbourne 2013.

Price list

Price list @ 5/7/2018. 

Please read the NOTES.

  • Long rides and long runs: FREE
  • Athletics Essendon sessions are $5 per session for Athletics Essendon members. See the Athletics Essendon website for membership details.
  • TriClub
    • Casual (per visit): $15 (ride or run) or $20 (swim)
    • Swim, ride and run: $500 per quarter
    • Swim only: $355 per quarter
    • Ride and run only: $145 per quarter
    • Ride OR run only: $105 per quarter
  • Program only
    • 1 discipline: $250 per quarter
    • Ride and run: $300 per quarter
    • Swim, ride and run: $400 per quarter
  • Program plus attendance at sessions
    • pay for a program and you then only need to pay for swim sessions, which are charged at TriClub prices. (Attendance at Athletics Essendon sessions is only available to Athletics Essendon members and is $5 per session.)
  • Private lessons: $50 ph plus facility hire fees (if applicable)

- 2 week FREE trial applies to all options
- at the end of the FREE trial a $50 joining fee is payable for all options (except casual visits and Athletics Essendon). Pay the joining fee and receive a cap! 
- see 'Session Times and Venues' for a list of which sessions are TriClub or Athletics Essendon sessions
- Joining fees are one-off to cover administration, etc and is in addition to squad or program fees. There is no provision for a $50 only fee