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Steven wearing our cap at Ironman Melbourne 2013.

Price list

Price list @ 1/9/2019. 

Please read the NOTES.

  • Long rides and long runs: FREE
  • Athletics Essendon sessions are 
    • $105 per quarter or
    • casual: $15 per session
for Athletics Essendon members. See the Athletics Essendon website for membership details.
  • TriClub
    • Casual (per visit): $15 (ride or run) or $21 (swim)
    • Swim, ride and run: $450 per quarter
    • Swim only: $290 per quarter
    • Ride and run only: $160 per quarter
    • Ride OR run only: $105 per quarter
  • Program only
    • 1 discipline: $255 per quarter
    • 2 disciplines: $335 per quarter
    • Swim, ride and run: $415 per quarter
  • Program plus attendance at sessions
    • pay for a program and you then only need to pay for swim sessions, which are charged at TriClub prices. (Attendance at Athletics Essendon sessions is only available to Athletics Essendon members - see prices above.)
  • Private lessons: $50 ph plus facility hire fees (if applicable)

- 2 week FREE trial applies to all options
- at the end of the FREE trial a $50 joining fee is payable for all options (except casual visits and Athletics Essendon). Pay the joining fee and receive a cap! 
- see 'Session Times and Venues' for a list of which sessions are TriClub or Athletics Essendon sessions
- Joining fees are one-off to cover administration, etc and is in addition to squad or program fees. There is no provision for a $50 only fee