Enjoy. Perform. Succeed.

What do we offer?

Gatorade Series 2008/09. Barb in the middle with two happy athletes - a winner and a third place- getter in the series.

EPS-Triathlon specialises in helping individuals of all ages and levels achieve their goals and maintain good health.

We offer:
  • personalised programs and professional coaching - we have the only Victorian triathlon coach who is qualified in all three disciplines;
  • an integrated and cost-effective solution;
  • a tight-knit, welcoming feel; and
  • coaching with respect and genuine concern for all.

We welcome members who:   
  • want to make a commitment to a healthy, balance, athletic lifestyle;   
  • may want to pursue the excitement of competition; and   
  • realise there is more to life than triathlon and value the experiences and relationships that are built along the way.

You should come out with us on a few runs and rides and get to know us better. You'll surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

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