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Your Training Options

EPS Triathlon has a number of programs:

  • TriClub
  • Athletics Essendon
  • Squad
  • Program Only

Whichever you choose, you have a two week FREE trial.


TriClub is based around the Kensington/Moonee Ponds area, swimming at the Kensington Recreation Centre (see Session Times and Venues for more information)

This program is best suited to athletes that don't require a program.

If you attend TriClub sessions you will be given a workout on the day. This is based on a 52 week program commencing mid-April every year and is fully periodised to bring you up to peak fitness by the next Summer.

By the end of January, if you have completed the whole program you will be able to easily complete a number of triathlons of lengths up to 400m swim-16k bike-4k run or small fun runs/openwater swims, etc. If you've trained with us for over one season, you could compete in longer races (e.g. triathlons up to 800m-20-5). 
The level of the program is aimed at beginners and intermediates. You can participate in individual sessions; however, full benefits are gained by completing the whole program.

Longer races, such as Half Ironman/Ironman/Marathon/Amy's Gran Fondo/Bloody Big Swim, are also possible, but require additional training sessions, for which you will need to train with the Squad, and/or from a correspondence program (see below). Contact Barb on 0412 403910 to discuss your options.

Athletics Essendon

If you are only interested in running, particularly track or cross-country, your best option is to join Athletics Essendon. Attendance at sessions marked as Athletics Essendon under 'Session Times and Venues' costs $5 per session for members of Athletics Essendon. 

If you are more serious and require a program, see 'Squad' below.

If your interest in running is fun runs only, you are welcome to join Athletics Essendon but you may prefer to join TriClub or Squad instead.


The Squad program welcomes athletes of all abilities from beginner to world class. If you are a Squad athlete you will have a program written for you. All sessions are supervised by coaches, but if you are unable to attend a session you can train on your own from the program.

Program Only

If you are unable to attend sessions, you might find a correspondence program is for you. Please contact Barb about these programs.

Athletes on correspondence programs generally achieve very good results due to their dedication and commitment.
The difference between the correspondence program and the program given to Squad athletes is simply that the Squad program is based on a particular venue (e.g. The Tan), whereas a correspondence program will nominate the type of venue required (e.g. hilly, multi-loop course). This means if you are able to attend a squad session sometime, there is no disruption to your program.